Well my old friend the pancreas started playing me up again last week and I ended up in hospital for 5 days no food and only clear liquids for 48 hours strong pain killers, and a drip up with fluids for two days then light low fat food no sleep for most of the time I was in there . But much to my surprise no problem with my breathing not feeling brilliant at the moment but better than I did this time last week

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  • I suppose it can be considered as a means of taking the mind away from breathing but I will stay with mindfulness thank you all the same. The results are good how they were gained now there is the blocker keep on feeling better.

  • Well at least I could say that I knew the pain would go away at some point, if only it was that simple with copd

  • That sound horrid meike - hope you are improving.

    love cx

  • Hi cofdrop, it's very unpleasant but it's something I will have to get used too because there does not seem a reason why it keeps happening, I am keeping my fingers crossed it will not happen again thank you for your concern,it's just lovely to be able to sleep in my own bed x

  • Good Morning - Hope you feel a little better today. Funny that your breathing wasn't compromised! Rest, take good care, lots of love TAD xx

  • Hi Tadaw, yes, but I suppose we have to take into consideration that I did not have anything to do for 5days except walk to the toilet and back to the bed . Which was just a few yards down the ward, as soon as I started walking down to the lift when I was discharged I had to rest Quite often before we got to the car thank you for your good wishes hope you are keeping well x

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