Eastern medicines for COPD

Lucky me, I am caught between East and West living here in Hong Kong with my lovely Chinese wife.

She is now looking into Chinese medicines that could be of benefit to COPD.

I will be posting information on this in good time.

I have some hope that by combining traditional medical with natural western and eastern remedies may produce some new breakthroughs in treating this condition.

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  • Cool Jeremy ...keep us posted good luck with your results too mate ...

    Regards Wes

  • Yes please keep us posted. TAD xx

  • Lived in Stanley for two years,love Hong Kong.

    Be interesting to know more

  • as others have said keep us posted on anything you find , no matter how flimsy it sounds there could be something in it,thankyou,xxx

  • Hi Jeremy, Luck be with you, hope you are able to find something. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care nannyb xx

  • Good luck! I used to work with a Chinese Herbalist (although she was American)!

    Patients reported good results for their various ailments.

    Watch out for the dusty mould spores in the dried ingredients, many have been hanging around for a long time. P

  • great to know this jeremy,, please keep us posted,,, jimmy

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