strange names,,, [hope doctor donut doesnt take offence]

strange names,,, [hope doctor donut doesnt take offence]

i have to go to urology july,, name of doctor ,,,,, doctor DONUT,,,,,then found out his first name,,,, would you believe it,, its ROLAND,,, this is honestly, perfectly true,,, when this recent doctor put catheter bag on in hospital during the week,he obviously had a sense of humour,, asked me if he had a brother called DUNCIN lol,,,this is 100pc true,,, so we have roland donut,, dont know about his brother duncin donut!!!, but it was a quick witty reply from the recent doctor, ....well it helped keep us smile in hospital,,,and take the blame off me ha ha [wonder if theres any baby donuts],,,,,,,,,bet i will be made suffer if hes the one to renew catheter in july lol..,, ha ha,, [feeling lot better now. and a big thanks to all who messaged me ,, jimmy ]

[real gentleman, that doctor donut,,,if he sees this lol]

p,s put wrong pic up,, but that was my parrot who died last year 60 years old approx,[had him 25 years],,, he was a comical bird

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Awww poor Max!

You've gone and done it now Jimmy, urgently need donuts so have sent son out to get some :) x

ha ha ha,, wish i could get smilies lol,,,

p.s wonder if he has a wee baby knick named ,,, suger,,, oh thats just going too far lol,,jimmy

Or custard hahahaha ( to do a smile just leave a space but not a full stop after your last word and the type a : and immediately after (no space) a ) Put the two together and you get :) If you still have difficulty hover your mouse over a smile and you will see what you have to put to get one!) :)

or baby jam donut lol,,

oh my goodness i hope this is not the doctor who fits my catheter

Hey Jimmy, it's great to see you back in action again. Hope you get up to full steam soon.


thanks philips, its great to be back :) feeling much better, just a little tired now, but ok really,all considered. [can even do smilies now thanks to scrobbity :) :) ] thanks for the welcoming post philips,,kindest regards jimmy

such a shame about Max, I bet you really miss him.

Glad your feeling better.

hi riverbank, yes i miss him badly,,,, i had maxiboy a long time, he was well known in the neighbourhood,a real character flying free all summer , only going back into his cage when told, he would dance to music, and talk very well, ,, this was actually an article in the sunday mail, when he chewed through all the computer cables,and lived!! he was a great pet, greeting me with a "good morning" ,,,,,,sometimes in the afternoon lol.

I had a Dr once that was called Dr Trollope I was very young and thought it was hilarious at the time, don't think she did though.

I love your parrot they do make good pets don't they.

I had a consultant called Handslip He was the nicest man I had ever met in the medical world.

He did not slip when he put in a chest drain and explained the whole process while he was doing it. I was going blue so he did it under a local

you have to smile:) donut, handslip, trollope, i had a gp many years ago dr thin. nothing unusual about that,, but if you could have seen him,, anything but thin:) most of them are very good, but makes you wonder where they get the names.:)

surely they cant take offence [i know dr thin couldnt have took" a fence" :) :) lucky to take the kerb :)]

my name is quite often joked about, but it doesnt bother me, white,,,,,,,chalky, omo, persil,,,,,, whitey,, and what rhymes with it:)!!! and often worse:)

Nice to hear you so cheery, its good when Docs have a laugh with you..

hi again june, yes it makes a big difference when the doc has a sense of humour, it just seems things are easier dealt with then:) i had "words" [nothing nasty] with the staff nurse as she was to put the catheter on at 1pm PROMPT :) :) if i hadnt passed water.[i hate the thing]

the hospital doc just happened to pass about 10 mins before this, so i asked him if i could "try" a little longer, no probs he said , as long as i told them if i was in pain,, well i was later,,,,complete retention, not even a drop, i was in agony, couldnt wait any longer, so doc came late afternoon took 2 lts of water from me,,,,after the relief he said with a smile,, "bet your glad i did that and not that staff nurse :) :)" ,,, too right lol:) :)

best regards june,,,,,jimmyxx

put my foot in it again,, i haven appoint at the urology dept on 26th june,,,, with guess who,, dr roland donat!!!,,absolutely true,, my goodness me, hope he doesnt read this,, or i am going to be in pain :) p.s. he is a great doctor :) in fact the best :) xxx

Hi jimmyw123, so pleased you are feeling better,it does you good to have a good laugh,sounds like you have a good doctor,with a sense of humour,xx

hi puffpuff, feeling a bit better, worse in the mornings, but welle get there :),,,,,jimmy xxx,,

That's the parrot I flogged to John Cleese

:-D :-D :-D

hi trotter,, sounds a bit "sketchy" lol :) all the best,,jimmy:)

Hi there Jimmy good to see you me darling hoping your managing hows you feeling?Cant keep a good man down eh lol ,Take things slow and keep getting better. :) Janexx

hi jane, just caught me before bed, its nice to see such a nice thoughtful posting, im feeling a bit better now, getting tired easy, but as you say:) you cant keep a good man down lol:)

im doing exactly as you say, taking things slow, and concentrating on getting better,, warmest regards jane and much appreciated words, you keep well yourself now :) jimmy xxxx

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