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I have been diagnosed with COPD and depression have been for two Atos Assessments one for ESA and one for PIP in the last three weeks and both have been cancelled, ESA was in Croydon and was cancelled as I went to sign in and the PIP assessment was in Eastbourne which once again was cancelled at the last minute as I went to sign in had no phone calls to inform me about both of these cancellations and both times the day after I was bad

has anyone else had the same experience as I have

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  • no

  • Oh yes,pip didn't even bother to turn up to my assessment back in November.still waiting :(

    Good luck

  • Oh bother! Yes it does take it out of you making all that effort to get there, not to mention the anxiety. Not happened to me, but I have heard of others who have made the trek, only to be told that they either didn't have the requested recording equipment, or that there wasn't anyone with sufficient qualifications (ie a doctor) to carry out the assessment.

    I'd be writing to my MP to lodge a complaint about your treatment so far. Good luck with your future appointments :) x

  • Hi Kevin1964 they forget we are people that are not in the best of health,its outrageous that they are allowed to keep getting away with their shoddy behaviour.Can you imagine us mucking them about they would soon react then amazing that ,very wrong!Im still waiting havnt heard since last June? :) Janexx

  • ATOS has suspended all assessments and their will be no more assessments until someone else can be found to do them. This is a result of death threats to ATOS staff it is said. I guess you will hear at some point what the DWP intend to do..

  • ATOS had a mass demo outside 144 assessment centres last month and 2 centres staff walked out and joined in. Their shares dropped 6.6% and ATOS are looking for an exit to their extended contract. I read a report that DWP have extended all reassessment reviews to 24 months from 12 months until another company can be found to do them. I cannot find any info on what they are doing with the people that are making claims now. They did change things so that DWP will have the final say on the assessment but if you appeal and win your money will not be back dated!

    Now would be a good time for the NHS to get the £100 million to do health related assessments at least they would be qualified. (My view)

  • You'd have thought we'd all have heard the police making arrests over these alleged 'death threats'. Think it's just spin by ATOS public relations. Anyhow, I don't think a quick re-branding in the UK to OHAssist will fool anyone!

  • ATOS is not in my opinion withdrawing from its contract because of death threats to its staff (in other words it is all the fault of people like us!!) they are withdrawing as the are rubbish and could not fulfil their contract which was going to be lost or partly farmed out to other agencies - and this farce has cost us 500 million viz half a billion pounds and no doubt will cost even more with a new agency - this government gives vast amounts of our money to private agencies whilst at the same time making ordinary people figuratively 'jump through hoops to get what we are entitled to - shame on them.

  • First of all I think your lucky to get two assessments in a week even if they did not turn up. I have read that Atos are going to start up two new companies and come back with an even longer contract no doubt I have been waiting since June last year and still nothing I have sent a letter to Mike Penning minister for disabled I would also like to set up a petition asking for a change in benefits so people with lung conditions get awarded automatically.

    We all have to thank MR Brown for Atos but in Scotland if people appeal they get free legal advice and represented in court free.

  • having read that atos are supposedly looking to pull out & good riddance to them, we have written to our m.p. bob blackburn ( tory ) for harrow in middlesex ,to express our absolute disgust at his stance with regard to disability payments, with a general election next year, time to up the pressure on this Goverment to see how they are harming people in our situation, at the time of writing we have invited him to come & see us to realize what life is like so watch this space.

  • Will let you know Kevin as I have to go to Hastings on the 14th :-/

  • Please see my post dated 18th January 2017 reference Face to Face assessments for moving from DLA to PIP.

    Love and Hugs from Twinkling Star. Xxxx

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