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Coils inside your lungs to re-elastisise them...

Ok, here's something I found...

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Thanks for that Jeremy76, it looks really promising.


thank you for info,that looks promising,xxx


Hello again Jeremy76 something else afoot how good is this that lots of research is happening to try and help us all great stuff,I wonder how long before these treatments will be widely available? :) Janexx


hmmm ..... Endobronchial Coils - they've been doing trials of this up in Royal Brompton for quite some time now. I'm on the list to have them fitted but am awaiting approval of the procedure from NICE.

It's not a silver bullet, but if it gives me a bit more puff I'll be more than happy,


Hi OFL, I was very interested to read your news re waiting for Endobronchial Coils, I was given an article from the Daily Mail in January/2006 regarding these trials at the Royal Brompton. I live in Somerset, but promptly got in touch with Royal Brompton, I must say that I was very impressed with the service I had from them, I had an immediate reply requesting my GP to refer me to them, I was offered an app in Sept/2006 and was seen by a Dr. Michael Polkey, he was very helpful, but was sorry to have to tell me that they were not able to get funding to carry out this treatment at that time, obviously returned back to Somerset very disappointed, I probably should have inquired at intervals to see how far they were getting with it, the Dr did say I would be in their system if there came a time when they would be able to carry out this procedure, but obviously it is a long time ago now and I have probably been taken off their records, but will be very interested to know how your app: goes, are you in the London area? I would be pleased if you could offer any further information on this subject.

Forever Hopeful of any assistance with this nasty Lung Disease.

Take Care, and hope all goes well for you.


Hi Gillian,

At the time you went to Royal Brompton they were doing trials & may have been considering you as a possible candidate.

I am told trials have concluded & results are now being considered by NICE.for their approval as an approved standard NHS procedure .... here's hoping, but the Brompton consultants I have dealt with seem very hopeful for positive news sometime around the end of this year.

I'm just over the Severn Bridge in The Wye Valley, Wales, so have the complication of getting finance from NHS Wales to pay for treatment from NHS England, which, fortunately, is already approved, so I'm now just waiting for NICE.

We live in hope .......


That clip was very interesting and looks like something that would be of use to me and lots of others I am sure.

I have an appointment with my consultant in two weeks so shall mention it to him. He is very "with it" and regularly goes to the States for conferences so he may be receptive.

Shall keep you posted.

Stay well



Very interesting Jeremy,hope for us all.


I think this procedure would not help me ( too far gone & already have to lower lobes removed) but I hope and pray that it will help others

Its all very encouraging

Thanks for posting this

( hey I am impressed that the Daily Mail seem to have got this info SO LONG ago) It's not a paper I would normally buy, but its Tuesday health section does seem to have some great articles in it


HI Sohara, I was given the article in 2006, I agree with you I wouldn't have the Daily Mail in the house let alone buy it, but obviously credit where credit is due, when you think they published this information 8 years ago, I probably am to far advanced now for this treatment, but as you say let's hope it will offer some relief to others that are able to have access to it.

Take care, with Best Wishes. x


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