New here, was told I had mild copd 4years ago, immediately quite smoking (hardest thing I ever done). doesn't seem to be getting worse

was wondering if I should be proactive and be on some meds to improve. 67years old and ride a recumbant cycle ten miles a day seven days a week, but concerned smoked for over 40 years. live in st. Paul Minnesota in the usa, long way away from you folks I'm sure

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The meds for COPD only help to relieve the symptoms, stopping smoking, exercise and a good diet are a good way to go. My hubby is of the old brigade where advice "won't make any difference" but I have fought, cajoled, pleaded with him to change his lifestyle and have just had our six month review and he is now stable. Still has to take a whole load of meds but some of them have been reduced. So well done on the exercise and quitting smoking.

Hi there, not so far thanks to the internet. Before I retired I used to import American Lincoln stretch limos and 50s/60s Cadillacs for my hire company. Their are meds which I am sure your doctors will provide when necessary. I find that exercise has proved very helpful. Keeping the lungs clear is very important and keeping warm and wrapped up when going out. I believe it is very cold in St Pauls. Welcome to the site and hope to hear regular news from across the pond. All the best, Larry.

Welcome. You have done the best thing by stopping smoking. I stopped after 40 years a year ago, and have felt much better. I have copd, and just take a preventer inhaler, and occasionally a reliever. Have had steroids sometimes for chest infections, but exercise, and good diet are extremely good. I wish you all the best. This is a very good site, lots of friendly people, and lots of support and advice.

Hi tvernstrom, you might be a long way away but the illness is still the same I think. Who told you you had COPD? Surely they gave you some information and at the very least some medication and regular visits to the Respiratory Nurse or sent you to a Thoracic Clinic at the best? If not chase it up to see where you're at and get some support. Very well done on giving up smoking. Take care. Lizzy.

Doctor gave that test that you blow into in 2011 when I still smoked and was having trouble with stairs etc. I was 100 lbs over weight and in bad shape. do not remember actual numbers but he said it was mild and got me into a quit smoking program (hardest thing I every done), do to bad knees I can't run but I got a recumbant exercise bike and have worked up to ten miles a day and have lost 40 lbs so far guess I got scared has not gotten better but the good thing is has not gotten any worse either so I assume that is good,

no medication was offered or mentioned just quit the smokes

Giving up the cigs while you were at the mild stage will have made a huge difference to the progression of copd tvernstrom and keeping fit will only make things even better. You were very fortunate to be diagnosed whilst still mild and had the opportunity to make drastic changes. So many people are not diagnosed so early and even if they are theycarry on smoking thinking they will be ok and of course they're not. Giving up in the later stages does still make a difference but the more damage that has been done the more it will continue to worsen. Well done to you nipping this in the bud as much as you have. Kalliope

really miss my smokes 4 years later but thanks you are right of course

I am also 67 and live in Raleigh, NC, USA. I take Spyria inhaler 1 time a day and Advair 250 /50 tice a day. I have an emergency Proair / albuterol I take 2 puffs as needed if my oxygen level goes wild...not that often but it works well fo me. Have been on this plus exercise for 11 years. no smoker for 14 years.

Welcome tvernstrom nice to meet you,We are a friendly group of people here.Well done for stopping the smokes a very big achievement that will help you enormously.Blimey O'reilly you sound like your going great guns on that bike of yours.As somebody else said copd is the same where ever in the globe.Maybe slightly different meds.Do you suffer any worrying symptoms at all tverstrom?If all good you maybe dont need meds at this stage which is great. See you soon :) Janexx

Welcome. I live in CT and have not found a US site like it. I quit smoking after 35 years but am in much worse shape than you seem. Good luck.

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