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Has anyone used a portable rechargeable oxygen concentrator on holiday in Spain?

My husband's oxygen clinic have told him there is no reason why he should not go abroad, but to hire a POC to take with us, he uses ambulatory oxygen for getting out and about, will the POC be okay to use for the full holiday?

This is new to us, so I would like to know how other people have managed on holiday. Thank you

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Providing the equipment is suitable for his requirements.

And the equipment is approved by the airline and or coach company there is no reason why you can not enjoy your holiday.

You may wish to consider,

Another member as spoken to the company and had a positive outcome.

Also enquire with oxygen supplier they sometimes provide suitable units for short term use , for people going on holidays.

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Hi Dartgirl

I rented a portable concentrator from Pure O2 when I went to Cyprus a couple of years ago. It worked very well. I charged the battery each night and it lasted for my daytime activities. One thing I would suggest if hiring an extra battery pack in case the plane is delayed. How long the battery will last will depend on how many litres per minute your husband uses. Have a lovely holiday.




I would be interested to know what your insurance is costing you to Spain,I've only managed to get one quote for A single trip for £350 .Nobody wants to quote,when they know your on oxygen,I only use it for ambulatory,I do have a POC from the Nhs but I know you are not supposed to take them abroad.Good luck.

Hi Sooki, I have tried quite a few insurance companies and I can't get a decent quote, we are thinking of not declaring my husband's COPD, as he will have his oxygen and his rescue pack with him and with him being a pensioner, if it should be needed, he should get any treatment free in hospital, (I think). Never not declared before, so still unsure. Let me know if you find your insurance at a reasonable price.

Just got a quote from stay sure for Europe of £162 for two weeks,yes you can get treated either for free or part free in the equivalent of nhs hospital,but you would need to make sure it was not a private hospital that you were taken to.If you did not declare the COPD your insurance would be invalid.I saw my ILD nurse this morning and mentioned travelling abroad without insurance,she said if your condition is stable mine is IPF and emphysema ,and you have your emergency meds ,you should be ok.I think I will risk it soon I am desperate for some warm weather,although the meds I am on say I must use factor 50 and keep covered up.Hope this helpsSooki.

Thanks for this Sooki. Like you we want a some warm weather just for for a week. When you add up all the costs, we need new passports, cost of the holiday, hire of the POC, taxis to and from the airport and Insurance, it's works out quite a lot for one week.

I know u begin to think is it all worth it,like u we are pensioners and every penny counts and then unless we go to the Canaries is Spain really warm enough at the moment.All that hassle.Will let u know if we do go.Sooki

what meds say that ?

You could also try here

Their prices are reasonable compared to others and the people who run it are lovely.

Does your husband's Oxygen provider not have a POC he could use on holiday as this would save you renting one.

Someone mentioned not being able to take NHS ones abroad. This was the very reason I was first supplied with one - so it would cause no problems on plane and resort. I was given an Imogen XPO2 which I loved but sadly had to revert to Liquid Oxygen last year when the XPO2 was no longer giving me sufficient Oxygen.

I am now using 5 litres Ambulatory and this us why I am going to be renting a POC from PureO2 (their Eclipse WILL give me 5litres).

You just need to supply a letter or email from your Respiratory Nurse to state you do require Medical Oxygen.

As for INSURANCE - I always use ALL CLEAR as they have always proved to be the cheapest with good cover.

One thing, if you do not declare COPD and you require treatment for ANYTHING, your insurance cover is void. It is always best to declare ALL Medical problems.


Thanks Dangirl1, I will try our oxygen provider. I have just got a quote from Allclear for £216.53 for one week single trip.

I hired a`portable oxygen concentrator from Pure 02 at the cost of 150 pounds the first week and 100 pounds per week thereafter and was very pleased with the service, (from Paul) nothing was too much trouble, so I would recommend them. Good luck and have a good holiday.

can I buy a poc and take it to spain as hand lugage

You have answered a very old post here and your reply may not be seen. The short answer to your query is yes. If you have been prescribed oxygen and are able to use oxygen 'on demand' you can purchase a POC and take it aboard as hand luggage as long as the type you buy has been approved by the airlines. Try here for more up to date posts

and welcome to the forum. :)

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Hi I'm a new member hope to get to know you all soon.

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