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From PulnCCM Journal.

" Vitamin D: no relationship to COPD exacerbations "

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I get updates from these people and found this article interesting. I hope you do to.

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No good then a waste of money supplementing vitamin D

It probably is but I'll probably keep taking it anyway ! :)

D3 that is.

Me too puff. I choose not to believe that article. I take super D3, have done for a few months plus Vit B12 and it can't be a coincidence that, I look well (so they say), feel loads better and have had only one 6 week infection in 9 months. It's so cheap that on balance I'd rather take it than not.

Interesting link though, I noticed a section on managing sepsis that Daz may be interested in.

Thanks Puff, are you alright? Peeg

Hi Puffthemagicdragon I was given vit D to try and halt ostiophyrosis ( I know I've not spelt that right ) due to the steroids I've had to take.

Hi puff, I was unaware that vit D was prescribed for exacerbations. I take it but because the steroids have caused osteoporosis and it is to treat that. :¬?

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Steph57 in reply to Toci

Hi Toci I was given it to help prevent osteoporosis ( thanks for teaching me to spell it) because of taking steroids!

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Toci in reply to Steph57

Snap! :)

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Steph57 in reply to Toci

Don't say snap with your condition. Sorry couldn't resist.

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Toci in reply to Steph57

:) :) :D

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helingmic in reply to Toci

You have to teach me how to do this faces ;)

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Toci in reply to helingmic

Point your mouse at one and it will tell you what has been used to make it. :p (colon p),

:D (colon D), etc.

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helingmic in reply to Toci

Aaah! You taught me something. I never knew that just pointing at the thing would give me the source! Thank you :D

This was posted by Gordon who doesn't visit much now.

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misslolapots123 in reply to Toci

I take D3 and anything else to combat this condition and the effects of the medication tr la Lola.

Thanks for the link good reading with researchers not salesmen.

I sent of to a Birmingham lab for my Vit D levels, they sent me a pack and did a pin prick test then smeared blood on the card. It came my Vit D level was 13. The optimum level is 70 I think. My family did the test and it came back with differing results from them, but nothing as drastic as mine. I've been taking it for 12 months and it seems to help. Although suffering with the virus that's going around at the moment. Coughing pain etc, but coming through it better than I would have. x

I am taking this Vitamin D. I've just had a friend who brought me some Vit C to combat my sore throat and my cold.

Look! No, you won't see your hair grow, or anything else. No it might not stop an exacerbation, but vitamins are an essential part fo ur make up. without them at all, you die!

I think it is true that you have to find quality vitamins in food and the sun. It's the same sort of statement from that firm if they said eggs won't prevent an exacerbation! We do need eggs, or proteins, as well as vitamins and minerals, and even fat to get going, in moderation, of course, but we need them for life!

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