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the old ones the best lol

a scotsman, englishman and irish man, members of the local stammerers group,

the lovely young lady teacher, had tried everything within her power to cure these three without any avail, , until she decided on a final way to cure them.

she said to the three of them,"if anyone can say where they come from, without stammering, you can have mad passionate sex with me"

she then asked the scotsman "where do you come from" he said "p p p p. paisley,"sorry you have failed she replied"

then she asked the englishman the same question,, he said b.b.b.b birmingham "sorry you have failed too my friend"

she then asked paddy, "where do you come from" paddy took a deep breath, then blurted out,,LONDON "perfect paddy" she said in amazement, ",i will now keep my promise, and you can have mad passionate sex with me"


after 15 minutes of hot steamy sex, and as paddy tried to get his breath back, and then blurted out,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

D, D ,D ,D, DERRY!!!!! LOL

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Good one Jimmy - the tablets must be working eh. ! ! Pleased to see your up and posting. Keep Well. Brian


Evening Jim, like that one. Hope your keeping well Nannyb xx


yes nannyb and brian, after a rotten time for a while, even yesterday felt rotten,, then lo and behold, had a great sleep, like a different man today, quite unbelievable, even my care worker told me she had been worried about me yesterday, as all i wanted, was to go back to bed, she remarked how well i looked this morning, so for me great news,, yip the tartan tablets seem to be working lol.

so for anyone feeling down a wee bitty, sometimes a decent night can make a difference,

my thoughts go out to any members not feeling up to scratch, may you recover quickly,,,jimmy

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Nice one Jimmy made me smile thank-you so good to laugh,glad your feeling better keep it up stay well. :) Janexx


thanks jane, yes feeling a lot better now thank goodness lol jimmy xx


That's another good one thanks jimmy lol.


thanks breather,its a great forum, we do need a laugh, there no doubt that, that in itself, can do us good, its great to have this humour thread,[some great jokes] it does help take our mind off the serious side, which has to be spoken about also,, all the very best breather,,,,jimmy


Ha ha,loved the last line! xx


Very good. I didn't expect that.


jimmy that was so unexpected, my laughter hung in the air ROFL!


LOL thank you xx


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