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Oxygen tubing

This morning I phoned for my oxygen to be renewed and asked for a longer piece of tubing to go over the shower rail (got idea from here) only to be told and engineer would have to come out to do a risk assessment and this could be done at the same time as my delivery.

I don't mind just seems a bit of a waste of time, anyone else had this happen?

polly xx

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With you in the shower to show the engineer!!


Don't think he would stay around long. :-)


health and safety gone mad

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The "engineer" is probably the same person who delivers your oxygen, and he'll make sure that you aren't going to trip over the tubing and break your neck, hang yourself in it, cause problems for others or other such issues. It'll be a "nowt job". I've got miles of the stuff in my bathroom :)




The technician is a different man than the delivery of my liquid oxygen only get spare cannula from the oxygen delivery no pipe even for my marathon.


They will need to make sure that your total length of tubing is not excessive so you are still getting the correct flow rate and prescription for you.

Portable equipment should, when being used correctly, not need lengths of tubing, as they will be with or on your person!


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