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thank you

hi guys what a great lot of folks you are read all your answer with great interest think if you know any one that does brain transplants put me at top of the list lol

just had not thought about looking up side affects from tablets thats giving me insomnia i will list every thing i take and start googling lol so many thanks guys

love you all


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Think you are more likely to get a brain transplant, than a lung transplant.

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Awwww hope you get a good sleep tonight Craftygirl! :) xxx


a BRAIN TRANSPLANT, i think i would need to push you from the top of the list, ha ha.,,,mines is "not in good working order"

anyway seriously insomnia is a rotten thing, i am up every 3-4 hours or so, go through the same rigmarole,wake up wheazing , sit on the side of the bed, take my rescue inhaler, drink water, put a fan on, take my nebuliser, a tot of oramorph, then sit in the living room with a cup of tea, then hopefully when im breathing better, go back to bed, to repeat all this a few hours later, it definitely tires you out, but i dont know if my prob is the same as yours.

i think googling all side effects of medication etc. will only make you worse. ,,[itll keep you up all night lol]

one thing i do know is , if you are on steroids , [predisone] taken late at night, that will keep you awake.

i hope you get to the bottom of it becraftygirl, i wish you happy "googling" and hope you have a good night tonight,, kind thoughts jw.x


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