Another scribblet and thinking how we seem to have some that (depression) and what we really really want is some of the other (happiness)

  Another scribblet and thinking how we seem to have some that (depression) and what we really really want is  some of the other (happiness)

D - Down is how I feel

E - Empty to is how It is

P - Pissed off with one and all

R -Raging anger who knows why

E - Emotional and teary

S - Sad feelings all the time

S - Sleep I cant get any becoming

I - Irritable so much

O - Overwhelmed , Oh bollox !!!

N -Never want another day like yesterday !!! :(

Today though

H - Hopeful Iam

A - Anticipating, feeling more able

P - Positive and pleasurable my day shall be,with

P - Peace of mind how wonderful is that

I - Ice cream ? why not

N - Naughty and nice brings us

E - Enjoyment of life,turning our sads into

S - Smiles from ear to ear. Im

S - Sweet as a nut now and swimming along nicely ,what about you now

Happy days peeps ,a smile a day helps us work rest and play

Janexxx :p

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L.L. That is such a positive attitude, and your message should be framed. Bet it made you good to write it. Thanks ++ I must say the weather is so.. abysmal, s....y and any other adjective. I thought you were waving your hands, but no, the mirrors. I have just come in from a friends and dried the buggy. The wettest Jan. on record. More decluttering!! Grandfather's hymnal 1888, mother's baptismal certificate and much more from the pass. I slow up because i have to read everything, and decide whether to chuck, sell or keep.

I know my first time with new raincape ifelt like a trussed up chicken my son had made it too tight round the mirror section so couldnt get to myself to adjust myself so to speak so couldnt see a thing,lol got there in the end.It is awful the rain and feeling really chilly.I so dont envy your packing and decuttering a massive job for you i would be the same reading and looking at everything.Not long to go though now pergola.Takecare me darling by the way hows your Brian still keeping well I hope? :) Janexx

Brian is a lot better on his new wonder tabs. His hair has come back and more, fluffy. Thanks for asking

Oh pergola thats fantastic news im so made up for you. :) Ive heard that before with hair coming back curly and stronger sometimes,very nice to this time of yeareh? :) Janexx

Hmmmmmm not entirely sure from the picture whether you have eaten the scooter or it has eaten you? :D xxx

Ice scream - yum yum - got some Baileys ice scream - want some? xxx

mmm nom nom yes please :p . Haha yes i agree not the most flattering of outfits but hey ho needs must eh? My David said "cor mum you dernarf put some stuff on how many layers is that !!" Bless. See I want a Baileys now aswell alright then , :p Janexx

Great photo Jane, good to see you and Gertie are ready for what the weather may throw your way. Hopefully it won't be to long before you can replace the waterproofs for a sun shade which would lift us all from depression to happiness eh'.

For the moment though it might be worth getting Gertie shod with some snow tyres to be on the safe side and converted to 4 wheel drive. :)

Tony xx

Yes defo Tony what do they say 'where theres a will theres away' now i have this option im not happy when I cant go out when its just to bad or cold.Do you know this crossed my mind as iam on my own quite alot and did think if it was snowy..what could i do in the adaption so I didnt skid,one of my neighbours who fiddles with engines said he could defo improve... oooer I said but i may well ask about making tyres snow friendly so to speak.Cant wait for a sun shade.What I do need is goggles my actual eyeballs get really chilly with the cold air travelling at speeds of 8mph ! Dont laugh Tony tis a serious issue can you advise at all where I might purchase said goggles :D I wait in anticipation. Janexx

Forget the goggles Jane, I used to ride motorbikes and I reckon a full face helmet would do the job with heated gloves too, traveling at such crazy speeds. Watch out for them yellow boxes though you wouldn't want points on your licence would you. Tony xx

I think your right you know Tony I will be looking into this now and purchase one,and you are right i shall keep those yellow boxes in my sights you can bet on that! No flies on me :p Thank-you so much for your advice much appreciated :) Janexx

Inspirational poem....glad someone else has up days and down days.

Love the pic....hope Bailey is well

Hi knitter Ithink we might all have pinnochio noses if we didnt admit to having some off days.Bailey baby is so funny when its evening Iwatch him gather all his loved things of the day and put them into his bed with him,he has two brown plastic plant pots which he has hours of fun with they go in too,he has a cuddly teddy called fudge which is bigger than him he then kinda climbs on top and goes nitenites ahhh..:) Janexx

I love the happiness one, the other one is great but negative thoughts suck. Living with my dad who thinks copd has nothing to do with 50 years of smoking and is in denial just hacks me off at times.

Hi PaulaAngela welcome really good to meet you.I couldnt agree more with you about negativity.Im sorry to hear about your dad must be frustrating for you im assuming he is still smoking,praps by denying gives him permission to continue,by admitting changes the goal posts for him we can all be so daft when it comes to having bad habits and how we kid ourselves.Ive always understood the dangers of smoking but it took me 47 years to stop,slow learner or what, better late than never though !Keep positive PaulaAngela. :) Janexx

I also miss that big yellow thing roll on the summer

Hiya onamission oh yes, it was good to see that the sun had its hat on today we just had one small shower,alovely day it was brings alittle chink of happiness always and a smile.Keep well. :) Janexx

Hi Jane we went to meet friends for dinner today we had lots of sun but still very cold, take care xx

Thanks Longlungs, That's given me a laugh, You go for it.X

Haha good game glad to help junespooon. :) Janexx

thank you xx

Hello undine my absolute pleasure. Heres to lots more happy days the new growth is happening everywhere brings me alive to.Takecare keep well. :) Janexx

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