Respiratory Consultation Today.Mattcass

Hi Guys, Big meeting in Edinburgh today and i'm sure they are going to put the transplant on hold again, It seems i got some lung space back from somewhere my last test two weeks ago showed improvement in my lung capacity and there's more to come i will lose two stone by May which will improve my mobility as well. Will keep you updated later this evening.Matt/Fran

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  • Good luck Matt

    My next meeting with consultant is in May, hopefully thin enough to be assessed and I would hope to well to go on the list. Well I live in hope.

  • Hi Marie Thank You. Matt

  • Great news Matt keep up the good work with exercise and diet.

    Hoping all goes well today.

    Best wishes BC

  • Hi BC Thank You struggling to do anything just now so weak, a bad cough and chest infection last two weeks has taken it;s toll.Matt

  • Oh hope you get well soon Matt, hope also you are feeling up to the visit today. Take good care BC

  • Hope all goes well for you today. Are you going to Royal in Edinburgh?

  • Hi Chris, Yes I'm seeing Nik Harani.Matt

  • I see him too. We're in very capable hands. Thinking of you. Chris

  • Hi Chris, Iv'e read a lot into Nik certainly the top of his field and a very nice man as well.Matt

  • Doesn't beat about the bush but has a good sense of humour. I can hear him laughing!!

  • I work for an Edinburgh 'company' and have considered moving up to make the tavelling easier etc (I do work from home a lot and travel with my job). I wasn't aware there was a lung transplant speciality in Scotland. I have been reluctant to move as I want to be treated at Freeman.

  • There isn't a lung transplant speciality in Scotland. A team from Newcastle come up to meet prospective patients but I know Edinburgh work closely with Newcastle. I am very happy with the treatment I get. Live dangerously and move north!

  • Hi Marie Scotland does not have a transplant hospital the nearest is in Newecastle it's just the top IPF specialist Nik Hirani is here in Edinburgh,Matt

  • Good Luck Matt xx

  • Thank You, Matt

  • Thinking of the two of you today. Good luck. xx

  • Hi Toci, Thank You,Matt

  • Hi Matt/Fran . I hope you get on ok today. Best wishes. Mavis. X

  • Hi Mavary, Thank You all went very well see my update.Matt

  • Positive thoughts flying your way! Do hope today has a good outcome for you both,

    Love Wendells xx

  • Thinking of you Matt and Fran too. Losing weight could be of great benefit and I do wish you all the best. Take care. xxxxx

  • Hi sassy59, Thank You this will be hard I love my food.Matt

  • hiya mattcass good luck for today . my husband is waiting to see if he going on the active list for a lung trans we have to go in feb for a overnight stay . they think he is in the window for one now . well done to you though for your keepfit n diet .

  • Hi chrissy Good luck to your husband in Feb hope it all goes well, The minute my breathing becones a problem on the active list I go.Matt

  • Hope everything went well MC. Losing weight was definitely the best thing I have done and has made such a difference to what I am able to do. You could try my sit to stand challenge if you like and Fran too. ref: my last post.

    You know they say no pain no gain, well all I can say is the pain you cope with you must be gaining a flippin lot.

    Your a blinkin hero MC in anyones book.


  • Hi Tony M8 still as weak as a kitten this chest cold has taken it's toll the minute i'm fit you set the record and will try and break it after i come in from my 4 mile walk i hour in the pool and finish my paper round.Hee-Hee Matt

  • Ha Ha MC, I've just got in from running a marathon, channel swim and a shift at the local quarry humping boulders around. I'm sure you'll soon catch up though. :)

    Seriously though MC get yourself fit first and then give it a go at a steady pace to start with.


  • Aye right Tony, The bit about the boulders I dont beleive.MC

  • Ok maybe I exaggerated, they were only pints of Guinness, one in each hand :)

  • I wish I had only two pints Frans fault topping mines up with wine It was good but.Matt

  • Well??????????????

  • Hope all goes well for you. X

  • Good on yer Mattcas, what ever you do you're still lapping those on the sofa.

    Hope it all goes well for you x

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