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Jan. 16, 2014 — A research team has identified a protein that increases the transfer of mitochondria from mesenchymal stem cells to lung cells. In work published in The EMBO Journal, the researchers reveal that the delivery of mitochondria to human lung cells can rejuvenate damaged cells. The migration of mitochondria from stem cells to epithelial cells also helps to repair tissue damage and inflammation linked to asthma-like symptoms in mice.

"Our results show that the movement of mitochondria from stem cells to recipient cells is regulated by the protein Miro1 and is part of a well-directed process," remarked Anurag Agrawal, Professor at the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in Delhi, India, and one of the lead authors of the study. "The introduction of mitochondria into damaged cells has beneficial effects on the health of cells and, in the long term, we believe that mesenchymal stem cells could even be engineered to create more effective therapies for lung disease in humans."

Earlier work revealed that mitochondria can be transferred between cells through tunneling nanotubes, thread-like structures formed from the plasma membranes of cells that bridge between different types of cells. Stem cells can also use tunneling nanotubes to transfer mitochondria to neighboring cells and the number of these nanotubes increases under conditions of stress.

In the study, the protein Miro1 was shown to regulate the transfer of mitochondria from mesenchymal stem cells to epithelial cells. Stem cells that were engineered to have higher amounts of Miro1 were able to transfer mitochondria more efficiently and were therapeutically more effective when tested in mouse models of airway injury and asthma, compared to untreated cells.

"We hope to determine how this pathway might translate into better stem cell therapies for human disease," added Agrawal.

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  • I have read articles like this before, from other sources around the world, so it does seem that there are many universities etc working on this problem

    To be honest I don't understand a lot of the jargon being used, but I just hope and pray that they will one day be successful in being able to repair damaged lungs by using stem cells.

    Thanks for the encouraging post Martin

    Love Sohara

  • Yer there is a lot going on with gene therapy done a few post my self about cells nanotubes ..

    But best we have at-this moment is vitamin B5 vitamin C vitamin B12 .. And some drug that those with ild or ipf are on fbraaaa or what ever its called

    But yer cant rember name but its on my previos post

    Lest hope the not going to use carbon nanatubes to target cells

    Great post cheers all the best :)

  • Hi Daz, can you tell me how the vitamins you mentioned help. I have IPF. Are they good for that too? Popplewell

  • Hi popplewell yer cheers yer B5 is very good at restoring order to your cells so the less incline to go on rampage and to help with healing cells tissue and also stops cells from mutate its al to do with PH 7.4

    B12 i take so acid reflux will not eat away at my lungs as it restores lung juice that is lost threw lung diease and also as it loves CO2 so assume its sticks to them nastys so a can sweat them out becouse as humans we also expel stale air threw our skin.

    A take vitamin C as inflamation fibroblast hate the stuff as it keeps them from going on rampge and destroying whats left of my lung's

    The other stuff a talked about is what thay give ild ipf patients to try and stop scar tissue.

    Pretty much same as vitamin B5 dose but the other is controled by your gp.

    A would always recomend talking to your doctor first befoure you tried any

    Hope that helps cheers al the best

  • is vit b5 ok to take as well,as b12 c and d3 xxx

  • Am sure if you ask doc or chemist thay will better advise as thay know what meds your on

  • thank you I have researched it,i will put it up after a rest,you might be interested or not,any info I will share as others do,and yourself,xxx

  • Hi thanks ye am always intrested in finding out about others experience .. cheers

  • This sounds promising, thanks for posting stone.

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