:-( Don't believe it!

What do I do to stop this??? ......Finished anti and steroids on Friday 10th had a feeling it hadn't gone completely! Took it easy all weekend took my dogs for a short walk today and "BOOM" starting to feel bad again after a couple of hrs, cough is back lymph nodes aching in my neck ear and groin. Just waiting for it to get worse before more :-( anti and steroids!

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you probably need co-amoxiclav antibiotics they have an ingredient in them which normal antibiotics don't clear up as infection becomes antibiotic resistant that's where co-amoxiclav can help

are these penicillin based ?

yes some antibiotics don't clear infection as they become resistant to them co-amoxiclav has an extra ingredient that stops that from happening.

Your symptoms sound like flu. If you don't have a lung infection you don't need the steroids or ABs. Try to get a telephone appointment with your GP tomorrow to discuss symptoms and if its advisable to start another course.

ABs won't treat the flu virus nor will steroids if that is what you now have.


You could also use the symptoms checker at NHS Direct:


Hope you are feeling better soon.

I am the same

Thanks for the replies. It's not flu this is how it always starts same symptoms then cough gets worse and then yellow/green mucus. In between all chest infections I have virus like symptoms, a general feeling of being unwell.

My husband does too - and he has just finished his abs and steroids on Friday - hes pretty sure its back again today! Get the abs quicker though rather than waiting - I have just been for a prescription for my husband. Hope you feel better soon TAD xx

Its just so scary being on so many antis and steroids is this normal with asthma and copd to have so many chest infections sorry for asking so many questions?! Is this how my life is now? I'm more or less always on them. Just walk to lose some weight and walk. Sorry feeling a bit sorry for myself. I've been unwell now with a chest infection that won't go since 16th December? This will be the fourth lot!!

Jeannaanne, I sincerely hope this is not how your life is going to be now. Don't give up on yourself and just keep getting the infection treated (without delay), call on your doctor any time you are unsure, get that mucus sample analysed and look forward to the day you will be infection free. Have you done the PR course yet? IMO it essential to all lung patients, ask for referral now if you've not done one and hopefully you will be infection free when the date for the course comes up. Best wishes for feeling better days BC.

You need to have the flu jab every year that will help, and you are the most entitled to it

Sometimes when I finish abs and come off steroids I feel worse before I get better.

I think you said you were on ciprofloxacin. This is one of the best, strongest oral antibiotics which sorts out many different bugs and the only one to sort out my flare-ups. It carries on working some days after I finish the course and I can still feel poorly.

If it is a virus antibiotics will not help and you will have to ride the storm.

Yeah I agree that's what I was thinking, I'm trying but each day is getting worse I now gave hot feeling in my lungs and the cough. Should I wait a few days to see if it will pass. Some say don't get antis etc soon.

I would ring your GP the problem is if you don't take meds straight away the infection can take longer to clear up. x

But you know sometimes when it's too early to hear it but you know you have it and they say, see how you get on, come back if it gets worse!! I think I'll see how I feel tomorrow, fingers crossed after a good sleep I'll be fine in the morning.

Only you know how bad you feel. We cannot diagnose the problem so onamission is right - if you feel worse, phone your GP if you have symptoms of infection.

My comments were about how I deal with things.

Thanks I will.

Have you had your sputum analysed? Ask the surgery for a sputum pot, fill it and take it back. Your doctor should fill the form. This is a precise way to show which bug it is, and which AB to use.

I know how you feel I got the flu just before Christmas and it tuned in to a chest infection I took emergency steroids and antibiotics and still felt so ill I had to have another lot of meds and still feel so tired no energy just want to sleep, hope your feeling much better soon I don't think people understand when you have lung problems it takes so long to get back to normal

So true i finished my fifth lot of antib and steroids last Sun and yesterday started feeling ill and breathless sore chest again. Im going to see gp later to see what he advises. But definitely people with normal breathing do not understand what it feels like to be unable to breathe normally. It doesnt help either the lack of consistent good care plans for us . I know id rather risk taking steroids now so i can breathe and worry about my bones later .

5?? :-( Hope you feel better soon Hun it's pants!! Thinking of you x I know what you mean although I do think my family and my sister and BIL are all becoming worried as they can see I'm not recovering and the amount of infections and how I'm struggling with breathing.

Hi I totally agree that's how I've been feeling just want to start feeling better!! Thanks xx

Hope you feel better soon. It does help me having you guys to chat to thank you all so much. I know I'm no where as bad as some here but I do think my copd is taking a turn for the worse, that's if that is possible.

I had this feeling at Christmas I hope its just a little blip

Me too! :-)

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