results from doctor about passing out

hi every one l did phone my doctor today and told his reception staff what happened and they put a queery into doctor and he said reduce my frusimide cos l started with 2 now he wants me to take just one a day and he said rest and if lm still feeling it l have to ring him back so l will wait now that's all l can do now but thankyou everyone for your kind replys xx

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  • See how things go minkymoo and hope you feel better soon. Keep in touch. xxx

  • Hi minkymoo,

    I hope you will soon feel better and that reducing the frusimide stops the passing out. xx

  • Glad you checked in with the doc.

  • Hi Minkymoo

    Take lots of rest, hubby cleaned the cooker for me, while I just pottered around today. A very unusual feeling for him to do a job he usually considers to be one of 'my' jobs. Hope you start to feel better soon.



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