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Hi all hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

We have been approached Nottingham University looking into medical device use in the over 65’s.

Thet are looking for people to complete an on-line questionnaire, who are 65 and over,

If any one is interested the information in below


Please complete this on-line questionnaire and help raise money for the British Lung Foundation

This questionnaire is part of a PhD project trying to find out the from over 65’s which aspects of medical devices they feel are the most important to them. Understanding these views may help lead to recommendations aimed at reducing any negative impact on users' lives.

Participants must be over 65 and can be either users or non-users of medical devices (Couples can each answer the questionnaire individually if they want).

Taking part in this study will involve completing an on-line questionnaire that asks you to consider different aspects or characteristics of medical devices that are used in the home. Most of the questions will involve making a choice from a set of options, while three questions require you to write a short answer. The questionnaire should take about 10 minutes to complete.

For every questionnaire completed £1.00 will be donated to The British Lung Foundation (up to a maximum of £200)

To take part click on the link below which will take you to the on-line questionnaire:


Please feel free to pass on this link to others you think may be interested.

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  • Hi Carol, Job done. Keep up the good work. Happy new year. Dave from the LoS.

  • All done

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  • I'm not old enough - but done on behalf of my hubby. Another £1 in the kitty!

  • We spring chickens...........lol.

  • Done,Happy New Year!

  • All done

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  • me too, all done.

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  • Happy to do it!

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