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went to the hospital i was discharged really glad because never see the same doctor this one although he may be good at his job he did look like he should have been retired years ago. each doctor has his own way of treatment and fed up of lack of consistency. So this year going to try and keep out of the way of colds and chest infections and carry on seeing the community nurse who is excellent at her job. thank goodness for nurses xxxx

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Wishing you good health and happiness throughout 2014 :)


Hi there,

I know exactly where your coming from with regards seeing different doctors all the time.

It gets soooo frustrating when one doctor says something to you and another doctor says something completely different or contradicts the 1 st one. No personal service anymore :-((


thanks for that also fed up of being ill I want to be well and live to be well and not live to be ill if you know what i mean ????


I do like my pulmonary nurse, she is down to earth and knows exactly how we suffer. She also knows where to refer me to.

I have "my" consultant whom I visit every 4 months or so. he supervises the drugs I take and sends me for X-Rays. The nurse does an excellent PR job to mother me!!!


Normally see same consultant at hospital for my husband's check ups but saw Locum last year . He was only interested in telling us how many patients he had treated with lung cancer . My husband hasn't got lung cancer - in fact he has a very rare lung condition , but he wasn't in the slightest bit interested - possibly because he was out of his depth !!!!


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