is it normal for copd sufferers to lose appetite ?

hi all. still a bit of a newbie on here so still feeling my way around the site so apologies if I'm repeating a question that's been asked a million times before. but I've noticed a real drop in my appetite over last couple of months to the extent that I can barely be bothered to eat anything more than a snack. is this normal for COPD sufferers or should I be visiting doctors again ?

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  • Hi Postie, it's pretty common, it's happened to me and lots of others here. You must try to eat more, easier said than done I know, every night I make myself a promise to eat more tomorrow! I have nutrition drinks prescribed, each one is around 400 calories I think. I have Fresubin which you mix with whole milk and have found them better than others I've tried. Complan are the nicest but am not sure if they are prescribed. I started making up a big mix of dried fruit and nuts and just have a handful now and then, full of protein, carbs, vits and fat. Also, try getting snacks in your fridge, mini pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, etc. stuff that you can just eat without having to prepare it. I have porridge virtually every morning with a banana or even just half a banana, but will often have cereal in the evening as well, all with whole milk. I have quite a lot of microwave meals but have to force myself to eat them a lot of the time! It's important to keep your weight up, I know I'd manage better with another stone or two on, am very underweight at the mo but keeping steady. Others will be along with ideas for you. Good luck. Libby x

  • Hi Postie, I dont have this problem but I would urge you to just have a checkup at the doctors. Other things can also cause loss of appetite too.

    Best go to doc before you lose any more weight as Libby says, it's hard to put it back on. She has great suggestions on the snacks.

    Buy full fat milk, full fat yogurts, ice cream. Everything in small packs, you can freeze milk so you dont have to expend energy shopping. See your doc on Monday, take care xxx

    PS did you manage to stop smoking?

  • hi peeg. I've managed to cut right down on smoking with the help of an e-cig, but I'm afraid I do still have the odd proper cig. hopefully in the next couple of months i'll be able to stop altogether. .. the weird thing about my appetite is that despite hardly being able to eat anything substantial I don't seem to be losing any weight

  • Can you freeze pasteurised milk, peeg?

  • Hi Rick, I'm always freezing it. If I'm going away for a few days I put 1/2 used bottles in the freezer as wel as full litre bottles. Especially good when it's going for half price :)

  • Thank you peeg that's good information!

  • Hello and welcome

    I agree totally with the above sometimes very hard to eat, so little and often is easier for me. It's trial and error what suits you some thing make feel like I've eaten a house, I have Ensure milkshake drinks prescribed and also eat tinned rice pudding and put powered milk in everything I can, that's my dietician sneaky calories.

    I'm under weight but I've always been little, don't panic about it stress will just make things worse.

    Kim xxxxx

  • I have LOADS of lady friends who would just LOVE to have this problem...not the illness of course, but to be able to eat ANYTHING you like, cannot be bad can it girls?

  • It's strange how are bodies react differently. I've put a stone and a half on since I gave up smoking nearly 2 years ago although I don't eat anything extra. I thought it was the inhalers which had caused it but I suppose when your breathing isn't good you don't exercise as much (in my case). Anyway Libby you can have a stone of mine as I don't want it lol. Happy new year all. Let's hope this is the year they'll come up with a miracle cure!!!!

  • I have very little appetite ,yet i am still a couple of stone over weight , i seem to be able to eat snacks ok ,but when a proper meal is in front of me I cannot eat it , it`s annoying because I used to like a steak and all the trimmings .

  • hi i am the same have put on a stone since i gave up smoking, but find it hard to eat normal meals i can eat snacks or microwave meals i am 8st 7lbs and 5ft 2ins so i am watching my weight as i dont think it would do me any good to put on any more weight marian xx

  • Snow you sound more or less perfect weight, just perhaps 1 inch too short. But you are doing OK weight wise, as my doctors ALL say to me to put on a bit of then when you are ill you have something to 'fall back on' so to speak. But even if it means putting on a couple of stone, giving up smoking is the single biggest best thing you could ever do for your lungs and you health. So well done to all you who have stopped

  • I have COPD and in 6 months I have lost 21 pounds, from 162 pounds. I am 5'10. I put it down to 5 lung infections with 5 lots of Antibiotics + Steroids given to treat the "bugs" found after lab tests. A poor appetite resulted. I suppose I should check out the weight loss with my GP soon.. Good luck to you Postie!

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