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happy new year to each and every one .

just before christmas i started getting so low and down all the time just could not work out why .

but was chatting to hubby suddendly dawned on me weather i gert this s a d as its always winter time i just go rock bottom so i have sent for light box hoping it works but it would be interesting if any one else suffers luike this or has had dealings with light boxes

thanking you shirleyxxx

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Hi Shirley. I have heard of SAD but don't know of anyone with it. I could do with some sun for my nails. As soon as the winter comes they seem to break and crumble. As soon as the sun is out and its warm I can grow them again. We all feel better in the summer. It can't be very nice if you suffer from depression from lack of sun. A light box could well be the solution. I hope it works for you. Let us know how you get on. X

Mavis, since I've taken Vit D3 my nails are amazing xx


Definitely worth a try, I lived in the South of France for 20 years coming back to the UK was like putting out the lights, its not the heat its the lack of light that causes Sad and it happens allot with Ex pats coming back from a country with light to the UK where we have very little of it.

I too suffer from SAD though I havent tried a light box.. Hope you will let us know what difference it makes. Looking forward to lighter days. Joyce xxx

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i will let u know love

My husband suffers from SAD and has light box. If he doesn't use it he gets very grumpy,

Try extra vitamin D as well.



hi judy thanks for reply but not allowed vits on warfarin i will check though

Hi I'm also on warfarin but I've been told whatever supplements you take the clinic will get the balance right by upping or lowering the warfarin,but please double check

I spend 2 weeks every winter in the sun it works wonders for my moral and there are a lot of cheap fare to Spain nowadays.

hi cocksparra lol i did laugh terrified of flying lol in fact scared of me own shadow but thank you

I also suffer with sad, I don't have a light box but use my house lighting a lot, and I do take antidepressant's.

hi nick many thanks hun i cant stand the dark days but once had ago at light box i will let you all know how im feeling but i must admit i guess stupid of me really thought i was the only one feeling like this i must admit i use to be so active always c harging about now i have to sit and watch othersd so very depressing huin

Many put their experience here

cheers gets you down sometimes good advise

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