Bad End, Bad Beginning. Mattcass

Hi Guys, I was in A&E since 6o'clock this morning with a trapped nerve i thought i was paralyzed the pain was so bad i passed out and because i was bent over my breathing was erratic, I had no option but to phone a ambulance, got to A&E i was the only one there and it was 4hrs before a doctor came along, again nothing they could do because of the meds i am on, So it's New Year in bed for me the same as last week. i look at Fran and i could cry she has been through so much with me and for the two most important times for Family and there's me in bed, the only good thing is I have no RA pain whatsoever, Life really sucks for me was i so bad in a previous life because the are getting their own back now for sure. Sorry I am down but Happy New Year to you all and your Families. Matt/Fran

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  • Oh Matt you have had a bad year and im sure Fran loves you too bits the way she looks after you .

    Take care all the best for 2014 love Dorothy xxx

  • Don't worry about Fran. She will tell you that you are more important and that there will be other family get togethers. I truly hope this next year is better for you Matt. xx

  • What an end to the old year for you and your wife, sorry it was not better. Just look forward and hope 2014 is much better. Tommorow is another day so hope you feel a little better even if stuck in bed best wishes for the new year

  • What a rotten year you seem to have had. He's to a Happy healthy new year.

    Kim xxxxxx

  • I hope you feel better soon Matt and are back on your feet again soon. Best wishes to you both

    Val xx

  • Happy New Year Matt & Fran,I sincerely wish it will be a better one for you.

    Dont worry about Fran,I'm sure she is aware that Xmas & New Year,can be celebrated anytime,when life is better for you.She loves you,& that's the important thing!

    I'm not very impressed with your hospital,it sounds very poor service to me,even if they can't help,surely they could have let you know that a bit sooner! Thank goodness your RA is ok at the moment,you deserve something to go right.

    Hopefully,you'll get some good zzzz,& wake up feeling a little better,I always remember my Gramps saying:

    It's easy enough to be happy,when life goes along like a song,

    BUT the one who's worthwhile,

    Is the one who can smile,

    When everything goes dead wrong!

    So try & keep smiling(hard I know!)

    Here's to some pain free days soon,

    Love & best wishes to both of you,

    Wendells xxxx

  • Hi Matt. So sorry you are not so good. I care for my Husband and I expect your wife is like me and only wants the best for you. We look after you men willingly. We want to see you as well as we can. We have a new year tomorrow and let's hope your health will be new as well. Please don't feel down as us wives pick up on it. Just give her a smile and a hug. That's all we ask. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU BOTH. X

  • Oh Matt I,m really sorry I wish I could make it better, I don't think you were bad in a previous life, some times life just sucks, I wish you & Fran a much happier & healthier New Year & with luck life will pick up for you both,

    Karen xxxx

  • It's not punishment for a past life. It's just a bit unbearable in this at the moment. It will get better and so will you. Sleep and heal and wake up in less pain and with your sunny positive outlook back in place. That's an order from a feisty little dormouse who needs her sleep. Happy New Year - Dozy x

  • Hi Matt,You really are having a bad time of it, No wonder you are feeling down,you have every right to be, Fran and your family love you so much,and you must have been a really special Husband and Dad, Just some of us have been given bum deals where our health is concerned, heres to a speedy recovery and a much better 2014 to you are the family, love Heather X

  • I hope all goes well for you.

  • oh dear what a time to be stuck in A&E I have a trapped nerve which I have radio frequency { nerve zapped } it feels good but the nerve can grow back I feel for you

  • Not good Matt , hope things have settled down a bit since you posted this and you having such great care and support from your family and especially Fran she is a rock for you


  • Stay strong matey it's the only way!! Got a good feeling for 2014 so hang in there and summer is on its way.....

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