Still waiting for PIP Decision - Now called in for ESA assessment with ATOS...!

So 6 months after having a face to face home visit assessment through CAPITA for PIP - I still await a decision. However, on Saturday I received a letter from ATOS requesting me to go to an assessment to do with ESA which I have been on in the support group for the last 18 months. I filled in their Medical assessment form way back in June, and this is the first I've heard back.

I just wonder if the decision for PIP will be based on what ATOS come up with re. ESA continuing??!!! I am very confused as to why I need 2 different assessments for 2 different things - will they base the PIP decision on what the extremely harsh ATOS report comes up with??

I am dreading it, as the last ATOS assessment I had, they deemed that I was fir to work (crazy!). I appealed and won, but dread the thought of having to go through this process all over again, struggling financially already on what little we get, and the prospect of them repeating the previous result, stopping my 'pay' without notice... etc. etc. This system is crazy and designed to create as much stress as possible to those in genuine need.

Anyone else going through a similar process? Views appreciated :-)


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  • Hi, my husband applied for PIP in July this year and we're still waiting for the assessment - I keep chasing but they say they have a backlog! Sounds a pretty rubbish system!

  • I also applied for PIP in July and have heard nothing. I have also been told there is a backlog. My new year's resolution is to write to my MP.


  • That's all I keep being told, and I have been calling them every 3 weeks since the assessment in August. It's a really bad system!

  • I haven't even had the assessment! Have emailed my MP today.

  • Hi

    I applied for pip in June and waited and waited and waited. I had not heard by October so I asked my MP for help, he was brilliant. I was given my decision by December.

  • Looks lik I have been too patient, I will be on the case after tomorrow. Well done for getting a result, hope it was in your favour.

  • After 12 week I rang DWP and ATOS each week but felt as though they were reading answers to my question from a sheet, I was told each week it was still with the aid it panel. I found it very stressful. This is the first time I have had to ask for help and it did not help with their attitude over the phone. I then contacted my MP who sent me copies of all correspondence. The result was in my favour and it was back dated.

  • Unfortunately the DWP now reflects the total incompetence of its minister (even his peers treat him with disdain); don't despair, don't even get angry, just get even.

    I'll pm you, let me have as much info' as you feel appropriate.

    I'm in the north-west.

    Happy New Year (the same to all readers).

    Don't worry 2014 has got to be better LOL


    (with an exacerbation :( )

  • No probs Dave, I will sort - I'm getting quite experienced at complaining and appealing!! It can only get better :-)

  • Well where do I start I put in a claim for DLA June 13 they turned me down so I asked them to look at my claim again as I had gone from moderate to severe they sent a form to my GP he sent it back 12th November they said they have not had it.

    ESA I put in a claim for this July 13 December I had not had anything so I went to my local job centre a benefit adviser phoned them I should of had a medical September 13 but they have a back log I think it is disgusting I have contacted my MP and ask that the rules are changed for people with long term lung conditions to be paid under the special rules.

  • It's ridiculous isn't it. Depending on the outcome of the ATOS assessment next week and how that affects my claim for PIP, believe me - I will be going to the press about this whole shambles... stay tuned!

  • What makes me so mad is people with COPD can not fool the breathing test we have every year I'm level 4 which clearly showed on my test in May. I know people who have been on DLA for years because they were waiting for joint replacement they have had the joint replaced and still claiming it.

    I have had a email from a MP who is standing in our area saying she would contact me in the new year good luck let me know how you get on but I think the more bull s**t you put on the forms the more chance you have of getting it. x

  • Right - next plan of action for me - write to our MP!! Thanks all!

  • Thanks all - well it seems the only way to go with this is to contact my MP, which I will after tomorrow. It all seems SO confusing and I am fed up of the way we are treated. The last thing I want is yet another assessment with the possibility of yet another 'registered nurse' assessing me and deeming there is virtually nothing wrong with me and that I should be at work - and then stop my money without even notifying me... it's bad enough trying to manage day by day as it is.... Oh, I just realised, perhaps I should have been a Romanian or Bulgarian about to enter the country and jump on 'freebie-bangwagon'... I'd probably be better off!! Feeling pretty disgruntled. I can do battle really well, but shouldn't have to - again!!!! :-(

  • this is awful really awful why are the disabled people suffering from the inadequacies of the government that are in power because of the people who voted for them its about time they realized that they are are servants and they need to sort this mess out. I hope that everyone who is still waiting has some good news soon xxxxx

  • Hi, I sometimes think it is a case of who and what you know. Guess I've been lucky. My husband was retired due to ill health because of a mental illness, I have severe copd. The social workers have given us the best help, that was nearly two years ago. Since I have heard of other benefits we could claim for so have completed all forms available, some I have gained some I have lost but at least I am financially slightly better off. The best advise I was given was to give your worst case scenario and for copd it is not what you can do but how long it takes you to do it. We have worked most of our lives as most of you will and only wish to claim what is rightfully ours. Don't give up keep trying and get social workers involved. Good luck to you all. xx SueE

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