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...................ADVENT 22

A TV station in the USA rings up the British ambassador and asks him what he'd like for Christmas. ''I couldn't

possibly accept gifts in my position,'' says the ambassador. The TV station insists and says he can have anything he wants no matter how big or how small. ''Well'' says the ambassador, ''If you insist I suppose I could accept a small box of chocolates.'' A month later the ambassador is watching TV when the news presenter says, ''A while back we asked a number of ambassadors what they'd like for Christmas. The French ambassador said he'd like

universal peace. The German ambassador said he'd like prosperity for the world's poor. And the British ambassador said he'd like a small box of candy.''



Ding dong merrily on high >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



What happened when the snowgirl fell out with the snowboy?

She gave him the cold shoulder



Blessed is the season

which engages the whole world

in a conspiracy of love!


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Lol king , going to bed with a smile on my face, why you up so late. ? X


Happy Christmas, king! Rushed off my feet at the moment. Hospital tomorrow, Friday and next Monday and Monday 6th Jan. Then 20th Jan and 6th March. I just hope I don't get sick. My mother, 89, is very poorly but I really don't feel able to drive that far. Good news: our little Chloe passed grade 5 violin, bless her. Also IT'S CHRISTMAS! Hope you are getting stronger. Thank you for all the laughs in the darkness, king. Have a very happy Christmas. :-) :-) :-) :-) Alison


Hi Alison,don't rush around to much! Keep well,lovely to hear about Chloe,bless her.It must be a worry about your Mum,do hope she is ok,it is hard when you live far away.

Happy Xmas to you & family,love Wendells


Sorrry to hear about you Mum Alison and hope all's going well.

Pleeease take it easy and look after yourself too. Much love xxxxx Peeg


Ha ha loved that first one,whoops a bit embarrassing! xx


:-) I was that British ambassador!!! I'm afraid I ate all the chocies too! Woof!


Careful what I wish for it would have been a big box of chocs yum yum



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