PIP Claim who will do my assessment?

Hi all, i have recently applied for PIP on 30th october 2013 and was told forms will be sent to me and i will be contacted by an health proffesional within 2 weeks from the date above, i sent my forms back 2 weeks ago and all i have had is my scrips sent back for proof of meds for copd, anyone know who will do my face to face as i been told nothing?

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  • It's now a company called Capita for the assessments.but I have been waiting a while now.was let down back in November when they didn't even turn up after making an appointment.

    Hopefully you'll have better luck

    Good luck.


  • Thanks Jambo i am in devon so is it the same for all the uk then.

  • I really don't know to be honest,each time I've chased them up they've just said they have no one in my area.?? I live in Lincolnshire,a big county,they must have enough assessors to cover . Surely !!!

  • Capita Jambo? Is that the company that has just been given the contract for tagging prisoners after G4 cocked up? Perhaps it's just me getting senile. It will be lovely for the prisoners if it is though. Sorry, we can't tag you, we have nobody in your area. lol


  • I do think you're spot on there Bobby.lol

    You couldn't make it up


  • Hi Husband completed part of the assessment over the phone in May. The other part sent off in August and they also sent scripts back, heard nothing since. We live in the Greater Manchester area. Its snail pace.

  • My cab advisor told me it takes about 6 months from filling in the form to actually getting to know if you will get an award. :(

  • Im the same put mine in may/june havnt heard a dikki bird. Absolute shambles grrr!! :) Janexx

  • Six months is disgusting, what a complete mess our country is in, maybe we shall get a reply this time next year lol

  • I made my claim for PIP in June and got awarded in November. On the other hand put a claim in for ESA in May and still waiting

  • Hi chellstock, that was not too too bad then but still a long wait, i am just claiming for pip as i run my own business from home so not claiming ESA, did you have a face to face for pip as i have just seen on a website Atos have been sacked and not doing pip for tge south west of england and DWP are doing the claims now! Not sure how true it is but found it on work and benefits site!


  • Ooops sorry my long wait is for ESA I was on incapacity but we all have to change over so Im still waiting,im in receipt of DLA which i understand I will have to reapply for PIP at some point not looking forward to any of it :( Janexx :)

  • Afternoon longlungs, DWP said the forms are much easier and shorter for PIP they are not, they LIED its still a booklet of 50 pages lol, i wrote lots of sarcastic comments in my application to pip as i used to work in a hospital theatre as a nurse and know all about data protection, i have given pip permission to look at my medical records but only by contacting me first and giving me tge doctors full name and pin registration number and his expertise so i can check he is a qualified doctor and knows about copd lol


  • Well done you we should all do the same .The thought of filling in that 50page form gives me the eebie geebies,It is a nightmare on Elm st !! :) Janexx

  • I will have to remember that when I fill mine in.

  • That was a good idea Ortho,I bet we'd all thought of something like that :)


  • I posted my forms in July and have heard nothing. Rang them and told there were very few appointments in my area but I was near the top of the list!!!!


  • The whole process is in meltdown. My wife who is working has been summoned to a work interview? She works 19 hours a week and the space in-between is then spent ferrying me to to doctors hospital etc. I am looking at the carer component and mobility of PIP but just trying to speak to someone is a nightmare. I have Support ESA after appeal and that was a joke and nightmare for 8 months.

    Be Well

  • I now have an update one my PIP application, just phones DWP and they said my claim is now with ATOS and they have had it since 2nd december. DWP told me i had to phone ATOS as i should have been contacted by now!

    Well, this was the convo with ATOS, we are looking at your claim now, my reply "great can you tell me when i am having a face to face or at least how long i have to wait"?

    ATOS reply........we cant tell you that yet apart from it will be in the new year if you need one"!

    I asked for the doctors name and pin registration so i can check their expertise and that they are a genuine Dr, atos said NO as all illnesses affect people differentley and the assesment is just to see if they can help me get back to normal and work!!!!

    I then told her i work and if they are that good could she please order me a pair of new lungs lol.

    I also asked where would the face to face be as i live in plymouth and she told me Portsmouth????

    Are the having a laugh

  • Oh food for thought, she also said they have no Doctors or anyone of expertise!!!!!!!!! What a farce this shower of prats are

  • hi Ortho doesnt it make you wanna scrweem and scrweem,!how on earth can an un qualified person make decisions on our health we are all different,I wonder if they would allow us to video and record our assessments for our appeals which will undoubtably follow? I have to say Iam more than a bit concerned about it all!! :) Janexx

  • Hoya longlungs, i informed DWP and they were fuming and told to to make an official complaint to ATOS and they are only employed to assess needs and NOT get people back to work, i made a compliant just now to ATOS and i will be emailing my local MP who i know really well, best bit is atos record all calls so i have told them to listen to the conversation haha, oh and DWP told me if i have to have a face to face record it and you do not have to have a dual recorder, they also said by LAW if you ask for the DRs name and pin reg atos have to give it to you and you also by LAW have to have a expert on your condition!!!!

    Julie x

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