A friend in need

I have just had an email from a friend who I met via a sarcoidosis forum a couple of years ago. We did lose touch for a little while but I sent a Christmas card to her and her husband by way of catching up. My friend lives in Preston and she thanked me for the card via email. Her news was very upsetting though as her beloved daughter has suspected bowel cancer with possible secondary tumours. This has come as such a shock and I would just ask all you amazing people on here to please send prayers, positive vibes etc. in the hope that something can be done for my friends daughter.

Thank you all so much. xxxxxx

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  • Hi Sassy59, life can be so cruel can't it? My thoughts are with your friend and her family and I will say a prayer for them.

  • Hi sassy wasnt expecting that ! Wow, well what to say? Im thinking of all the many good treatments that are now available for cancer and pray and wish you friends daughter all the success for continuing good health.Love strength and patience to them all. Smiles amongst the tears to.Janexx

  • That's very sad Sassy, as Jane has said, treatment for bowel cancer has come along so much in the last few years, here's hoping this story has a very good ending. Libby xxx

  • Sorry to hear your sad news, Sassy, too often we hear don't we, about cancer, never was it so much in the public as it is today and even striking down younger and younger victims. There is something seriously wrong going on! But in-between time I pray that God comforts your friends family through this tough time Bless them. and I wish for all strength and peace Gbu

  • Oh poor wee lass - sending every positive vibe I have to her and the family, life can definitely be a pig sometimes. You are a lovely friend who I am sure will be much appreciated. :) xx

  • Sorry to hear that a fellow sarcoidosis sufferer has been hit with this terrible news the stress will not improve her own condition so that she is able to fully support her daughter as she and everyone here will want.

    Life can be cruel but we can not know what the future will bring so I am sending positive thoughts for those in need.

  • What terrible news. Thinking of the family, and hoping for the best outcome.

  • How dreadful, sending her lots of love and hope. TAD xx

  • I just want to say a very big thank you to all you amazing people on here. Such lovely replies. I will let my friend know how this site is thinking of her and her poor daughter. I have had an update but not much else to say at the moment. It all happened so suddenly, within the last 2 weeks, which is incredible. Thank you all once again. Take care all. xxxxx

  • Oh sassy I am so sorry to hear this - how dreadful for your poor friend and her daughter. Really hoping for a positive outcome - thinking of them both.

    love cx

  • Thank you so much cofdrop.

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