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Fire Service

They came in this morning and I was expecting them to fit a smoke alarm in every room, because I have oxygen in the house, like they had told me on the phone. Rubbish they said we know nothing about it, the two we fitted before are ample, but they did take the code for the key safe just in case they need to get in.

Just letting you know after my post yesterday.

polly xx

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What can you say to that another example of the left hand not knowing what the right one is doing. At least you know they wont break your door down !!

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The fire service came and fitted me with two smoke alarms, can`t see why they told you everyroom. They also gave me little tips like to keep a spare front door key in the bedroom and then if you are trapped in there by fire you can throw the key down to them out of the window.

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Hi Polly, When I had the firemen round they fitted 4 alarms in my house. 1 in the main bedroom, 1 at the top of the stairs, 1 in the dinning room at the bottom of the stairs and 1 in the lounge. we then had a chat about fire safety.

Our house is pretty small so it seems as though fire safety is variable according to where you live.


we too rang up our local fire station - made an appointment & next day a full blown fire engine with complete crew arrived, they explained that if they had a "shout " they would have to dash off, thankfully they did not, they fitted two extra smoke detectors which last about ten years with the install batteries, they just stick to the ceiling, gave us some general advise on safety etc, left about half an hour later so all good.

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