Don't things just get better .. Seen GP today

Yep seen GP as i have not been feeling to well.

Been getting hot and cold and coughing a lot

Between my coughed up lung scabs and mucus sputum balls i have been feeling dizzy and nearly fell down the stairs i.e going to pass out.

Anyway seen doc and told her about how i have been feeling explained things about why i am there today and she pulled up my lung docs records

I told her i am not happy as my lung doc as said and is trying to say i have always

Had lung problems to explain my condition

Anyway i told my doc about stuff i have been coughing up and how in my opinan it is that

That is causing all my infection .. and to be fair she was interested and give me good going over.

After her exam she told me i have crackling on my left lung but my lungs sound clear my blood pressure was up and down all of which am not to happy about

So she as booked me in for a xray on monday and sputum sample strait after my 7% hypertonic saline treatment.

As you can see i have not had a good time of it as of late .. I don't know what is going on but is worrying development but a just have not to dwell on things

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So sorry this is happening Daz, you are having such a difficult time, I do hope this new doctor will help get to the bottom of the problem and get you the treatment that will help calm things down.

I think the stress and worry of not knowing what is going on will affect your blood pressure but hopefully that will settle down once you start being looked after properly, I think this new doctor sounds like she will be of great help to you.

Take good care, rest well and puts some good food inside your bod.

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Best wishes BC

Hi cheers BlakeyC yep i have to try stay positive.

I would be lying if a said a was not worried ..

But at least i have interested doc now ... and thats tad more than i had few months ago

Anyway thanks cheers all the best :)

Hi dazisnotsogood

Sorry you're not feeling too good. you are right this doc seems to have more about her.

Blakey is also right about stress and blood pressure. I don't want to sound patronising, but have you thought about relaxation tapes. there is no way your condition will improve, but it may help your blood pressure and help you relax a bit. Good luck

Hi Mustcarryon yep do try to relax .. But somedays just feel like runing round screeming .

Its not like a could even do that ... But ye have to stay calm and not let it all get to me

Cheers thanks for comment all the best :)

You have had some good advice, Daz. You have so many problems, that now I hope that things will get easier. Love Anniseedx

Hi annieseed yes i have had one or two .. and to be honest i dont think i could of coped with out surport of everone on here.

Been stars :)

Yep nearly forgot have you ever had or been told you have crackling lung annieseed

Cheers thanks

Daz, I do get strange crackling noises in my chest and throat which generally mean the onset of an infection. But not the same as yourself, Daz. People are so supportive here. xx

Cheers annieseed

Thinking of you Daz x

Thanks 02trees

Looks like you were in the right place at the right time with your new doctor. I know it has been a battle with yourself but PMA. I saw you said that you feel like running around screaming. I heard on the radio some time back that to go into small room and vent your spline with a good scream can help, it does me. One word of advice If you had a bad day and go into that little room and let it all out check that your partner has not got mums from the school there! I got some very strange looks from them when I walked into the room they were in :)

Be Well


Hi offcuts yep had nap and hope to wake up feeling better

Must of worked feel tad better


Hi stich yep was worried given tissue debris been coughing up its worse as know one will tell me what it is

Hi cheers is a pain all be glad when had xray for reassurance everthing is un changed thought i had cooked my beans for sure

Morning Daz you are having a rotten time of it but your new g.p. sounds excellent so be positive and take one day at a time.

Hi rick1 cheers yep makes a change to have interested GP

Hi Daz. I think we all have a Dr we would rather not see. Glad you have one that will get down on the problem. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi mavary cheers thanks

My thoughts are with you Daz. I am hoping you feel better soon. x

Hi toci cheers not feeling to bad now i was worried as been coughing my lung scabs up felt ill and there was blood spoting in my mucus sputum was coughing up

But not coughed any up today and feeling better now be glad when had xray

Hi Daz

Hope all gets sorted out for you and that you will be feeling better very soon. Good to be having those examinations . x

Hi juliekay cheers thanks

Daz, thinking of you and sending you love and support.

Here's hopeing today is easier for you.

All the very best xxxx Peeg

Hi peeg cheers not feeling to bad today feel better when docs have sorted me out tho

Cheers thanks

It is good that you now have a doctor who is taking your health seriously at last so things are sounding more positive. I am sure she will see what the crackling is all about and you can get some good help with that. I do feel for you and wish you all the very best.

Glad you are part of this site as people on here are amazing and that means you too Daz. Take care. Love, Carole xxxx

Hi sassy59 cheers yep am hoping will get to bottom of it all.

Cheers thanks

hi daz

i know its not the right thing for sopmeone that is worried we all been there hun but a lot of stress and worry can affect your breathing so much treat yoursdelf to a relaxation tape be on your own when listning better still do it from head phones i can more or lless guasrentee you will feel so much better hope this helps

Hi becraftygirl yep tried not think about it feeling tad better .. Thanks for comment surport

Daz, can't add anything to what others have said (they are all brilliant) just wanted to add my support and send best wishes.

Hi poemsgalore cheers thanks

New Doc seems to be chasing up things which is good ,getting the help you need, Sometimes a scream does you good but like offcut make sure your on your own, have a good rant, then deep breath, smile and carry on , all the best Daz, X

Hi junespoon cheers totally agree

Hi Daz I see where your coming from a good DR is worth its weight in gold. Is your lung problem caused by asbestos I have COPD and when I get so out of breath I go light headed. I hope you get sorted good luck

Hi onamission my lung doc as said un known couse then tried to say i have always had lung problems ..

And that is untrue all as i know am coughing up lung tissue with what looks like asbestos Fibers stuck init

Did you work in asbestos I know people who worked in the mines got COPD and an old uncle of mine was in the fire service his lungs were shot. Have you looked in to claiming compensation for this I know you have to link it to work but I can't see how you had this from being young but you do need your GP on your side. I think the problem is a GP wont put anything in writing today.

Hi yes i have IIDB claim pending as my lung doc for specs on my diease if he could not do letter of surport .. I recived letter full of BS and nothing on clinacal names parts of my lung affected .. A worked in a school and IIBD are mot contesting the asbestos side of things its my illness thay are refuseing is related to asbestosis

If you click on my name you will see all my post questions

Cheers thanks for intrest and comments

Hi stich i find that very un-usual a dont think that is even legal ... That would be classed as terms and conditions and by al accounts a sliperly road did thay give you information on what asbestos is and affects on ya health .. If no thay migh be in trouble


Hi daz please don't take this the wrong way I'm just trying to save you a lot of stress and worry but asbestos fibres are microscopic and you will not see them with your naked eyes,another thing too is that they lodge in your lungs because they are barbed and they never come back out this is when your body tries to attack them by surrounding them with scar tissue,at this point the body realises that the irritant is still there and the scar growth continues.As I said before mate I'm just trying to ease your nerves because as others have said too,stress is something we all really need to avoid at all costs.

Hi wiskas yep you are quite right about asbestos fibers but i have been using a microscope as i have been coughing up lung scar tissue .. If you look at my profile you will see debris matrial on my previous post 's questions

Sorry Daz my mistake as hadn't read all you have on this and therefore didn't realise you had the use of a microscope mate.

Hi wiskas cheers no worries

My lungs constantly crackle, have done so for years. I have bronchiectasis and every time I have an infection and see the GP they will examine me and say they can hear crackling, through their stethescope! I can hear it without one so it must sound like an experess train through the 'scope. Take care

Hi happyfeet59 yes try to stay positive but a worried as a cant keep coughing up what looks like lung tissue

Think i will feel better after xray

Hope you are feeling a little better today Daz, thinking of you.

Best wishes BC

Hi BC not feeling to bad lugs are tad raw but think antibiotics are going to be part of life now

Keep on resting Daz and keep warm, do hope things improve soon. Do you have a course of steroids too? If the crackling is a lung infection you need something extra. Take good care, and best wishes BC x

Hi bc tried striods had nasty reaction my heart started playing up .. Cant understand it as have had striods b4 and was fine

But know am on antibiotics .. Hope crackerling is just infection and not debris lung tissue have been coughing up

Moday all know after doc as sample of everthing been coughing up

So sorry to hear what a horrible time you are having one consolation this doctor is listening. Try not to worry. Good luck with X-rays. Take good care TAD xx

Hi Tadaw cheers

Hi Daz, Sorry to hear you are going through the mill, Me and Fran hope you get fixed out soon and you feel better soon. Matt

Hi defo felt better .. But ye hope am over the worse did ask my GP when she asked what i wanted her to do

Told her i would like her to get me feeling normal again

Think that might have been a tall order.

But at least she is after finding out whats going on and that is defo a plus

Cheers thanks :)

Hi Daz, sorry you've been feeling unwell. I hope things improve for you and you start to feel better.

Hi cheers

Hi Daz, hope you are feeling a little better. Apparently, I have crackles in my lungs and that is with no infection.

Good luck. :-) :-) Alison

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