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Quiet day !!

Should have been a quiet day except for my oxygen delivery.

First thing the stair lift packed up and I to ring for the engineer, receptionist said "can we come early next week" "certainly not" I said, "I pay over £300 a year for continuous cover", Engineer arrived 15 minutes later he was only working around the corner he fixed it within 10 minutes :-)

Then I can here a bleeping sound, looked everywhere and suddenly realised it bleeped in conjunction with my breathing with my oxygen on. Oxygen man came said it was the converter but he had not got one on the van so he will come back Monday, so going to bleep all around the supermarket tomorrow, that should be interesting :-)

Finally and best of all, Help for the Blind came in today to put a programme on the laptop that speaks to my hubby to enable him to start using it again, fantastic. :-D

A busy but worthwhile day.

polly xx

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Well done Polly, I,m hopeless at putting my foot down with receptionists, & I,m really glad Hubby will be able to samples the joy of the internet again,

Good luck with the beeping it should cause some interesting reactions around your local shops

Karen xx


Polly, I wish you shopped in my local supermarket. It gets really boring in there. Your beeping should brighten things up a bit. :-)

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So all in all a lovely day, pleased your hubby has now got his program on internet, and when you go rounds shops tomorrow they may think the alarms are going off when people leave the store with a tag on the goods, should be quite funny really lol, have a nice day tomorrow polly. Joan x


Sounds like a very productive day Pollyjj and good news re the computer for your hubby. What a blessing that must be. You take care. xxxxx


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