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Whilst many of us have taken part in drug trials, it seems not all outcomes are published. Scientists are voicing concerns over the ethics of drug trial outcomes remaining unpublished. In fact, almost a third of clinical research in the US has not been published 5 years after the studies have ended. The Guardian reports on an article in the British Medical Journal.


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  • Interesting. I'm hoping to take part in a trial myself soon.

  • Makes you wonder though doesn't it? If they only publish the 'right' results the research is going to be a little skewed. :(

  • You wouldn't get me on a drugs trial for love nor money, no matter what stage it was at. I'm a scaredy cat! I have taken part in a trial using the latest computerised methods for defining degree of severity some years ago, but no drugs involved. Sadie xx

  • Yes, but I would be too scared I'm afraid. Fortunately, others are willing to be guinea pigs. I have enough side effects from the 11 different drugs I take each day to even contemplate anything affecting the tenuous equilibrium I have reached with them. Sadie xx

  • Not encouraging for those on drug trials, sadie. My husband is on a clinical drug trial (Cambridge Uni) and since it has been called the wonder drug in the The Times and special permission had to be granted for its use in the UK.

  • Just my opinion Annie, wasn't giving advice out, All the best to your hubby, hope it works out for him. Sadie xx

  • I know how you feel, Sadie. I also take numerous drugs and many of them have side effects. However, I did take part in trials for a new inhaler, and as flibberti points out, it was safe enough, being at stage 3. It turned out not to be great for me but many others are now benefiting from it so I am still pleased I gave it a go. Still, each to their own. :)

  • I take loads of drugs. Some for my heart problems and some for COPD but none give me any side effects.

  • Lucky man. x

  • Or odd ! :)

  • Maybe odd, definitely lucky! :D

  • I think you have, somehow, to press the matter and phone the person who did the trial with you, not leave the matter to "their discretion"!

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