What a day

Pete has had some heart pain which he thought was angina and kept taking his tablets. Doctor at his cardio appointment today thinks it could be the stents that are failing (had heart attack with 3 stents 6 years ago) or it could be the sarcoidosis so Pete will have to have an MRI scan of the heart. If that was not enough, I got a phone call from brother-in-law saying that my sister has had a heart attack at work. She was taken to a hospital in Brighton, stented and on the ward all within a few hours. Brilliant NHS at work. My sister does smoke and is also in a stressful job so that will all need to change. Hopefully she will be home in 48 hours or so and I can see her before we go away for our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. Fingers crossed nothing else occurs!

Hope everyone is doing well and keep breathing as best you can. Love to all. Carole xxx

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  • Troubles never come singly - hope things settle and a Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both. love Annie xx

  • Oh dear! She is not the only one with stress in her life is she? I hope she gets home soon, Pete has a good result and you both enjoy your wedding anniversary. (((Hugs)))

  • How stressful hope that all is ok with Pete and wishing your sister a speedy recovery, take care with love TAD xx

  • You have had a hard day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good one with all good news for you.

  • Goodness me Carole it's all happening with you. My very best wishes to your dh and your sis. Congratulations to you both on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

    love cx

  • Ruby? That is a long time It must be true love. Congratulations


  • Oh my Carole never rains then its a monsoon! Many congrats on your ruby wed annv.I do hope things resolve quickly for all of you,remember to look after you to.:) Janexx

  • Sorry to hear this news Carole, keeping fingers crossed everything works out well for you and all concerned.

    Best wishes BC

  • Oh dear, sassy. Hope they both recover and you enjoy your Ruby. congratulations. :-) :-) Alison

  • Oh Sassy what a lot you have on your plate. Hope everything works out ok and congrats on your Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

  • Wow! What a day. Hope they will be ok. You take care.

  • Oh dear all that in one awful day. Hoping hubby is alright - sister in law too - and you get to celebrate together.

    Happy anniversary xxxx

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely replies, what amazing people you all are. My sister is doing ok and will possibly be home today. I will try and see her before we go away tomorrow. Pete has a very positive attitude so hopefully all will be well. Roll on tomorrow when we can have our little break over the weekend and celebrate in style.

    Take care all and lots of love. Happy Halloween and don't get spooked! Love, Carole xxxxxxxx :)

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