I'm a coughing and a sneezing

Cor blimey am I wheezing

Rescue meds now on my menu

"get me some cough sweets darling can you"

Oh woe is me I don't feel well

My poor old lungs hurt like hell

Now I'm told there's a weather warning

With hurricane winds and torrential rain

No time to indulge ' in poor old me'

Its off to the shops with Gertie and me

Gas, electric,candles and food

Suddenly uplifted no longer in a mood

How quick things can change

So much now to arrange

If the power gets cut coz of the wind and rain

Still need to keep warm or that will be a pain

So still coughing and sneezing

Open fires will stop us freezing

No time for moans or time to groan

One thing is sure we will be snug in our home

Poetic licence please :)


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You sent me a lovely poem, once, L.L. which was really good, and now the above, brilliant. I tried to write poetry once but couldn't get my mind around it.

Thank-you annie its not something I do really,i like to fiddle with a pen sometimes though.:) Janexx

Thinking, L.L. I am not asking for you to do it daily like Berwick, but poems like that are nice to read on a dismal day. I'll be the audience.

What a lovely thing to say annie,see what i can to do?Below there is a lady who is a poet i understand said she might post some of her work here so that will be nice too.Janexx

I cant contribute anything much, but the use of my tongue or rather my fingers tapping away.

It is nice to read original words!!!

Why thank-you kind sir,I understand that down south we are in for some serious weather come sunday/monday,I love looking at the sky when it moves so quickly.Janexx

I think I will stay indoors until Tuesday

I tinks you shuld t be sure! :) Janexx

t be sure, t be sure

I love the picture you painted with words...all snug and cosy with a storm brewing outside.

Hope your cough and sneezing improving

Iwas feeling proper poorly then my son came in saying bad weather on its way!So started to scribble.Thanx knitter :)Janexx

awwwwwww lovely ll thanks for the laff Joan x

Haha thats good im pleased for that Joan,Happy days :) Janexx

Brilliant Long Lungs. I've loads of poems, hence the name. Will have to put some on here.


Kind words indeed from someone who does write poems,I just scribble now and again,I will look forward to reading some of yours poemsgalore. nice to meet you see you soon i hope.:) Janexx

Please do poemsgalore. We all love new poems.



Thank-you Toci it was my way of getting through my day today.Janexx

Lovely post to read! Hope you get well soon and stay snug xx

Thank-you so much Tadaw im on all meds, lungs a little painful at the mo.Yep al snugged up.:) Janexx

Very good Longlungs! Batten down the hatches when the storm comes on Monday - I've dug out my welly boots in readiness!

Brrrr! absolutely I shall need to protect gertie tie her up nice and tight lol :) Janexx

Posted some of me poems in the 'no category' category. Didn't know where else to put them. But here's another I wrote when I was having a bad day!!


I'm not old,

I'm not young,

can't you see?

I'm not smart,

I'm not dumb,

I'm just me.

Not somebody's daughter,

or mother, or wife,

so leave me alone

to get on with my life.

I don't need a label

to know who I am;

and I'll do anything

to break loose if I can.

To fulfil all my dreams;

be what I want to be,

not somebody else -

I just want to be me -


Love it you are very talented poemsgalore.Iput stuff in general chat ?? :) Janexx

You paint a really warm and snug pic with your words LL hope you and everyone stay safe if the storm is bad


How kind you are Eck .Yes will be interesting to see if the weather people have it right or wrong?Hows you doing at the moment hope your keeping well,nice to see you.:) Janexx

Really "lovely" and realistic. I'm glad you remind us of the candles. I took my box of matches out and put it next to them! I hope we won't have to warm ourselves with the candles! When are these cuts coming? Hope not!

So do I helingmic,there was the suggestion on one of the news programs a couple of days back say the wind could be enough to knock out power??These things are famously wrong though?? So be safe and stay warm sun/mon.Janexx

severe weather warning got dla hearing mon after waiting for a year sods law lol

sod the law,get in there and fight them,

Oh jeez well I will keep fingers crossed for you mommalou are you down south? Janexx

Take courage, a good anorak, gloves , "fixed" hat to head, and by the grace of God (above sod's law) you go!

Thanks for the poems. They are both very good. Well I have got enough shopping in and we live in a block of flats which are built of steel and concrete which is supposed to be terrorist proof. Hope that will keep the wind and rain out. We live in Somerset and are right in the thick of its path. Hope all everyone else will be ok.

Hello Marvary haha a bit of fun eh thankyou.Blimey O'Reilly you really are ,having said that what a great view to watch from.Be safe now.Janexx

Oh dear, good luck for Monday then Mavary.

Not so good Jane. We live on the ground floor. We hardly know if its bad weather or not. On the other hand it could be good as we don't know how bad it is. xx

Oh ok ,your right ground floor better in that sense.Im hoping its been exaggerated and its no where near as bad as they say.Fingers crossed.Just the wind today blew one of my out side chairs and wedged itself between my patio doors and steps.I was unable to get out tomorow my son will try and make things safe.What a t do eh.Sleep well Mavary.Janexx

It's our bin day tomorrow. I usually take it out today, but I will leave it till tomorrow morning. I live along The Thames estuary. The wind is rising gradually this afternoon.

L.L. I hope you're safe indeed!

I was wondering about washing line Ive a rotary one?Its our bin day tomorrow.Im in Bromley which is southeast London and the boarder of Kent.Yes you be safe aswell helingmic.Janexx

We brought our table and chairs in. They are sat in the lounge. Better there than through the window. We were listening to a weather forecast tonight and they were saying winds of 50 miles per hour rather than the 80 that they have predicted for the last few days. I will keep you up to date tomorrow.

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