Will I Lose My DLA Rate. Mattcass

Hi All, Does anyone know if i will lose my DLA rate, As I have to contact them and let them know that I am working, according to the the DWP I assumed because they knew i was back at work they would have done this, My disability has not changed in fact the RA side of my illness is I would say is worse, And should I let them know the agonizing routine I go through to get there. Mattcass

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  • you can still work and continue to receive your dla as long as your illness has not improved

  • Thank You, Matt

  • I received DLA for another condition, years before I was diagnosed with COPD. I worked full time whilst being paid it for years as I still had the disability, regardless of the work I was doing.

  • Hi Toci, Thank You. Matt

  • thanks God you can work, just be careful i am not an expert in that matter ,good luck

  • Thank You. matt

  • Take a look at this link Mattcas


  • You can work and receive DLA

  • Hi alanjudy Thank You. Matt

  • Yes you can still claim DLA and work

  • Hi Susan Thank You. Matt

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