1st day back to work

Hi all my lovely friends, yes I survived the day, and I did take it vvvvvvvvvery easy. Spent all day tidying up cupboards and putting things back as they were nine weeks ago. One of my boses is fan bloody tastic , but one is and the only way I can describe her is to liken her to bonny langfords character, I'll scream and scream and scream, if she doesn't get her own way, there is always a bit of an undercurrent between us, but hey Ho, I rose above it today, and walked away. After all it is her business, and if the s--- hits the fan it's not my problem. So managed to keep myself busy doing not a lot, for eight hours, think I spent more time eating my scooby snacks than I did working, but then there was a lot in my bag. All the customers that I saw were really pleased to see me and all sang the same words, of don't go over doing it again. It was really nice to see some of them as I had not given them a thought for nine weeks, oh no is that the other thing setting in. Got home and the fairies had tidied my kitchen, the dish washer was full and on and the dog had been out, hooray, don't think I could have managed all that as well. Sat and had a left over curry for my dinner yummy, and now tucked up in bed nice and warm and snug with a nice glass of wine. Shame on you if you thought I would say something else. My only disappointment today is that I am so tied now that the nice slab of dolcelatte will have to wait to be eaten till tomorrow. It will be nice and ripe by then, yum. I really hope you have all had a good day and that you have enjoyed what ever you have done. Got to snuggle down now, looking forward already to checking in with you all tomorrow, take care be happy and sleep well my lovliest friends June xxx

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I am really pleased you had a good day. Chill now and recuperate! :)

So pleased to hear you had a good day! Take care, TADxx

What a great day you had by the sound of it and many more to come I am sure. Take it easy and enjoy life June. Lots of love, Carole xxxx

Tied up in bed?????????????? Hmmmm


Hello June I must be delirious could have sworn id posted last night!! Anyway you sound like that was a great start yesterday well done you,really uplifting post to read.such a difference brilliant.:) Charge your batteries over the weekend.Be proud of yourself June. Janexx

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