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Side effects from taking oral steroids when you have reflux


Oral steroids can exacerbate reflux symptoms very badly. In case some people aren't aware of this, if you have reflux and need oral steroids (prednisone etc) make sure you insist that your GP gives you enteric coated ones. They are more expensive so GPs dont automatically prescribe them.

What the enteric coated ones do is prevent absorption in the stomach which is what makes reflux symptoms so much worse. Instead the pills travel down a bit further and get absorbed in the small intestine.

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Thanks for that


Your daily tonic

I have difficulty swallowing tablets and have been taking soluble Prednisolone (20mg) daily since early July (will be on them long term). I was prescribed Loransoprozole at the beginning, but decided to try without - it lasted 3 weeks before the reflux became unbearable - I now take 30mg daily and haven't looked back!

O2Trees in reply to Jayenne

You have to be very careful and slow coming off these kinds of medication - cold turkey is a nightmare! I take 30mg of the Landsoprozole but still had the non-stop spasm coughing when taking non-coated pred. The coated ones seem to work ok but next time i have an exacerbation I will ask abut the soluble stuff, thanks, jean

I all ways ask for the steroid with the red coating on it I've learned from experience that the plain ones kill my tummy.

Yes I take the red ones ..Im on a tummy protecting one all the time now,so good game.thanx O2Ttees .Janexx

If you really want some relief ask your GP for the soluble version, only available in 5mg, but they are so much easier to take, I have 30mg every day with no ill effects. Just 1 mg of the uncoated tablet will double me up even with the anti acid tablet provided. They are not keen on giving them but if I have to go into hospital they never seem to worry.


I'm glad I've found that out,I wish they would bother to ask if you get reflux,like I said before,I do not want to have to learn to be a doctor,enough to do,I suffered a lot with I know .

helingmic in reply to Hidden

Artist, Very often, you 're the only one to know, so it's best to declare this, and push for a better kind of pill too! Unfortunatley, we have to push to be taken care of!

Now ive learned something - soluble pred, i had no idea this existed. I get the red ones and have been ok since. But before i did, the added reflux acid provoked dreadful spasm coughing where i thought i was going to choke to death on the spot. One night after having a pee I couldnt stand up for 20 minutes, due to the coughing which was constant and terrifying. I would hate anyone else to get that if it could be avoided.

Thanks to all for comments.

Jayenne in reply to O2Trees

I would definitely ask for the soluble pred if I were you. You may be allergic to something that makes you have the coughing fit - as I do with Aspirin, triggers the same, that's why I can't take I anymore. As above, the soluble comes only in 5mg strength - but well worth the relief from reflux as long as you take the Lansorpozole.

O2Trees in reply to Jayenne

thanks, I will.

I never got the coated ones but i always was prescribed omeprazone to protect my stomach and reduce reflux.

O2Trees in reply to MarieW-F

Me too, but it wasnt enough to stop the extra reflux from taking the oral pred.

Thanks for the info I have had reflux for to many years

Hi everyone, I have just been to doc this evening to get my emergency standby meds topped up and she said she now has to make a case for prescribing the coated pred as generally GPs are only allowed to prescribe the white ones. Everything is more pressured now it seems. Anyway I got them, but be prepared to insist if you need them.

I take Prednisolone on occasion (when my breathing is bad) and I suffer from redux, but I suspect it is the Theophylline.


I’ve been on Pred since March, started on 60mg now on 15mg. I’ve developed an annoying cough and tightening in my throat as if there’s a lump there. Could this be the Pred? Going to ring the GP tomorrow

O2Trees in reply to Hidden

Wow you found an old post Emsyw! Im glad you are calling your GP. The one thing that occurs to me is possibility of acid reflux. Pred is very acid and can bring this on and those symptoms might suggest that. Ask you GP for the red coated pills - they help protect your stomach. Good luck!

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