My Next Move, Mattcass

I’m on holiday next week the 3 of us are going to sit down relax and talk about the future , And then think what’s the best way to deal with my RA the first thing I have done is to increase my steroids as my Rheumy Doc is hell bent on getting me down to 5mgs that’s not going to happen I have been through the worst 4 weeks in my life and that’s was me on 15mgs, I have already sent a request to the hospital that deals with my lungs asking to transferred to their Rheumy Department if possible but I believe he works out of several hospitals, Only one of his team that did see what was happening was a physiotherapist joint with my Chest Clinic who was nearly in tears one day when she could see I was in severe pain she had to follow protocol which was to send me home (knowing the Rheumatoid Clinic was on upstairs) and then for me to contact my GP and ask him to refer me back to the Rheumatology Emergency Clinic we both knew this was pointless because I would sit in a tray till an appointment arose. Which in that case went ignored anyway all I received was my 4 monthly appointments weeks after.

I have not been on H/U pages much over the 4 weeks but I am on holiday next week so all I need is my fingers straightened and my nails manicured for the keyboard, hope you all have a pain free weekend, Were off the football and a few pints of GUINNESS, MATT/FRAN

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  • Sounds like a plan MC enjoy some R&R as they say let those fingers do the talking.Enjoy the footie and ofcourse the guiness. :) Janexx

  • Enjoy your footie& Guinness, plus your holiday next week hope your health is not too bad while your away

  • I think discussion, especially with the family, is always a positive thing to do. For one thing as you know, you can discuss problems, and another is knowing the support that you have. And the great people on this forum, as well. I have just been talking to a friend who lives on her own. She is very arthritic all over, and very down with a unsuccessful gynae op behind her. Not into computers which can be a great help. Enjoy the footie and guinness. Love Annieseedx

  • Good idea better that you all make the decision together about the future - brave of you all to face it together. You are very lucky . Enjoy your weeks holiday. Take good care TADxx

  • Have a good time


  • Life looks and feels so much more rosy after a few pints of guiness! Enjoy the footie. :-) :-) Alison

  • Take it easy and lots of love to you and Fran. Troopers both! Carole xxxxx

  • As usual I always arrive late for the party, but it is good to talk and steroids are the wonder drug for RA. The right dose can make you feel normal in 3 days and all joints work. Swelling takes a bit longer but you have the willpower as the other miracle man to do the impossible. Just remember you don't have to do it all at once. Have a good week, love to Fran xxx

  • Hi DD, Hope you are well Tony is doing brilliantly as you can see he will be running a mini marathon soon probably if he comes off the transplant list at Xmas and I might join him if they postpone mine from going on the list again, I have already upped my steroids by 10 two days later nearly pain free if i have a few good days i might drop 5 well see, i controlled steroids for 4 years before when i was first diagnosed with PF in these days i was on 80 a day down to zero, Keep well DD. MC

  • Hope you have a great Holiday ,all the cobwebs blown away, Enjoy,love Heather.X

  • I am lucky Rheumatologist and Respiratory Docs in same Hospital. My steroids are being put up and down like a yoyo. However they are giving me a lot of problems and 1 team trying to reduce them and the other wants to put them up. Just been put back up to 30mgs at Docs today because of chest infection. They are a miracle drug though, to me anyway. Have a lovely Holiday Mattcass and good luck. Cheryl

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