Which Answer Do I believe re PND and mucus issue

For over 2 years I have struggled vomiting copius amounts of clear mucus , I mostly balk as if being sick and absolutely loads come up, sometimes it is thick and really horrible to remove sometimes it is followed by a coughing session then once I have had an hour or two of it the pressure in my diaphragm is less and I can breath a bit easier, I use like a suction technique to set it going, it really sometimes feels I am pulling it from the back of my nose like a really bad PND, I have severe COPD but this part of it is really grinding me down as it has to be done 2 or 3 times a day, One consultant says it is not possible to come up from my chest an then down the back of my nose, yet another consultant says it is !! top and bottom I do not get any real answers anyone else suffer like this please help x

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  • Hi, carolg1...I am sorry you are in such distress...I used to be sick every morning when my cough was at its worse...and often during the day as well. It is quite frightening trying to breathe, cough and vomit at the same time!

    Thankfully its not happened for years now...I still cough and have a post nasal drip though

    Have you rung the BLF helpline for advice?

  • Hi Knitter thanks for replying , does your lungs go into a spasm too, god its really awful I may guve BLF a ring tomorrow thanks x

  • Hi carolg1,

    I start coughing, a dry cough and I can't stop, sometimes I am almost sick., then my nose runs literally like a tap for about 10 minutes, like I have a cold, I also shudder a lot of the time, it is horrible. I am coughing up pale yellow every day, sometimes clear but mostly yellow. antibiotics do not do anything, have been on that many...waste of time! I have aspergillus fungus in my lungs as well as fibrosis....using oxygen...came off meds, too many side effects, and they are not doing any good. Am taking a native american herb called lungwart which I make into a tea...it works on the lungs in particular the inflammation....I have nothing to lose, so we shall wait and see. All these symptoms are bloody awful, there is a lot of worried people on this site, all looking for reassurance.And by the way...my consultant shook his head when I said the problem was in my upper chest, all the mucus...he said no it isn't it is your lungs. But I know my own body, it is like a blob of mucus, making me feel sick and putting me off my food, does that sound familiar to you??

  • Hi naturelover, I used to cough up pale yellow mucus for years and was told it was not caused by infection but was the result of a response to an allergy. I was found negative for aspergillus. I don't have fibrosis either.

    But I had so many exacerbations with chest infections and kept on going back to the nurse or gp.

    I have taken lots of antibiotics, but now my mucus is clear or white..and I am no longer being sick . I take vitamin pills and manuka honey, but as it is so expensive I am going try ordinary honey next.

    Best wishes

  • Hi knitter,

    God bless you...you have really cheered me up this morning! I am sick of antibiotics that don't work...yes I am taking vitamins too, good ones from Solgar and I eat a healthy diet for my bones too. I really must try this manuka honey everyone is talking about, I get my pension Friday so will look on Amazon for the best price. I take ordinary honey and cinnamon on my cereal each day. My first consultant said it was an allergy...this one disagrees....I have a question mark in my mind's eye about it all. The aspergillus thing does worry me though. Am going to my first breatheasy meeting today, the lady in charge sounds lovely. And next week is my assessment for rehabilitation...so we shall see.

  • Hi Naturelover, Thanks for replying it really is appreciated, I had my chest listened to by consultant yesterday he said my lungs where clear !!! I really dont understand all afternoon I was baulking up clear thick mucus from my what feels like stomach area like you said it really puts you off eating, nut sometimes eating a little food make me feel a little better, I am at my wits end with it, ENT say I have nothing wrong with my nose n throat mut I suffer gross amounts of PND, let me know how you get on with the lungwart id be very interested, I do hope we can find an answer soon !! xx take care

  • Hi carolg 1,

    Yes will let you know....I am taking the tea twice daily. Maybe you should look up an established herbalist? Don't know where you live, the one I ordered my herb from is based in Edinburgh. As I said I did my research first before ordering it. Native Americans are very clever people and they use herbs for a lot of ailments. I have them as friends and one of them came off his medication for arthritus, and went onto herbs....he is doing a lot better now. That is great that your lungs are clear! Maybe the problem lies elsewhere? I feel you need to seek advice....there has to be an answer somewhere.

  • Hi Natur lover, Thanks I have made yet another app with doctors but I know il be wasting my time, I hope the herb works for you , I would appreciate it if you would message me and let me know how you get on with it, take care Carol x

  • Hi Carol, yes I promise I will keep you posted. I have a feeling the herb is starting to work, but i am so breathless just the past few days, only time will tell. Not coughing up as much mucus and it is not so yellow. Please let me know how you get on at the doctors. I burn essential oils too. Eucalyptus is excellent in a burner, plus tea tree. I have been burning eucalyptus and lavender past couple of nights. Also I have a steamer which goes over my nose, just one drop of eucalyptus in boiled water and sniff, it goes into the lungs. (only one drop mind). All these things help. Babs xx

  • ask your doctor for carbocisteine 375 mg 2 capsules three times a day I have severe copd&ipf these capsules realy made a big diference .

  • Thanks I am already taking this medication and have been for a couple of years, thanks anyway x

  • Find out about autogenic drainage

  • I will google it thank you x

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