What a lovely start to the day the sun had its hat on,and i couldnt wait to get out.So got ready to go up the docs for flu jab.Itook gerties cover off and i was off whoo hoo,so good to be able to go out.:) Jab done and dusted excellent.Off to the shops we go iwas actually singing to myself ,feeling great mmm life is grand i thought.:)I dropped my speed right down as i scootered into Waitrose,got all my ingredients for making curry tonight,adding alittle cream cake for being so brave at the docs lol well just the one eh!Arrived at the check-out and piled shopping onto the travelator thingy.Went to go forward on gertie whaaa lol instead we went up in the air ohhh!I was too close and my wheels sucked onto the counter & screeched upwards oooer ooops !!Everybody stopped and looked, me now on two wheels pointing to the gods haha! Ofcourse my brains fell out i couldnt think what to do?so i started to really laugh all the 'are you alright looks' also turned to smiles then rawkus laughter how flipping funny.A very nice man told me to gently & slowly go in reverse.I did and all was well,I just wish i had a picture!! I think it did everyone good the way they exploded with laughter.

However the journey back a very different story.Gonna make my curry first.Bye for now :) i cant stop giggling about it silly cow iam. Janexx

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  • what curry you putting 2gether ll

  • Hi bernice only chicken im making that from scratch but have bought the breads and side dishes ,not got the energy for it all from scratch,.Janexx

  • u want any recipes I will give you all,veg curry meat chiken curry,egg curry 2min job that,egg I mean easy,bernicexx

  • wat bread pitta

  • ooo never had egg curry before? Normally have nann bread got parathas tonight.Janexx

  • deep frying pan,cut onion up.nob butter,2 bits garlic,3 small green chillis tiny tiny bit chilli powder tiny tiny bit tmato powder,cook slow,sit down,stir it all up.wen powder an onion cooked ad bit water with this,let water go,now shove eggs in an stir till water gone,ave with toast,if you have coriander then wash leaves an springle bit over top,all be 10 minutes,cheap and all vitamins in there,bernicexx

  • Thats quite interesting bernice when i was in Egypt for breakfast i would normally go to the omelette station and most of those ingredients were in it except for the garlic had peppers was quite tasty.Janexx

  • we need garlic now an green chillis,cook it an bind it all 2 gether,qiuk an good,winter now,ye,u want mince 1,bernicexx

  • mince curry is easy and sit down job,bernicexx

  • Wish I had been there! Chuckling at the thought! X x

  • Hello Tadaw the funny thing was an older man behind me had watched me pull in having to go backwards and forwards a couple times and said "can see you've done that before!" bless him.lol Janexx

  • Your descriptions are highly amusing. You definitely have a gift. xx

  • Was one of those moments Toci have probably had more than my fair share to be honest,ido love to smile though.:) Janexx

  • Oh that was sooooo funny - you've got a brilliant writing style Jane - felt I was there.

    love cx

  • Ahhh thank-you cofdrop i did giggle, im glad i didnt fall out,nothing like a bit of fear to make you hang on eh,!lol Janexx

  • I wondered where i was going at first stitch.:) Janexx

  • Loved that, Jane, lived every moment of your experience in Waitrose.

  • Its a funny old life eh annie.How are you? Janexx

  • Bit cheesed tonight but no diubt it will pass. King's wonderful post today made me think.

  • Yes i think is was very poignant annie dont be cheesed especially over things we have little control ,but enjoy and celebrate what we do have no matter how small it might seem,everything that he wrote will touch everybody we all have history good and bad.Lets make every day count thats whats important now,enjoy your pr annie be happy be safe and be as well as can be,Janexx

  • Silly moo.Try passing your test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aha so it was you behind me on the way home,gotta bone to pick with you lol :)Janexx

  • Woman in reverse!! run for your lives I say. :) I wonder if somebody has got it on film as there are lots of phone/camera experts around these days who would have you on you tube within minutes. Got you thinking now havn't I. Ha Ha.

  • Oh thank-you Tony for giving me more nightmares hadnt even considered that omg, how funny. :) Janexx

  • Of course there's alway's the store camera system too. Whoops sorry!! sweet dreams. :)

  • Ok you can go off people you know! how to win friends and influence people hah!! The one thing i dont need in my head is a peeping tom with his camera,!and i thought you were such a nice guy.the patch is defo off tonite,Great banter Tony bless yer little cottons.:) Janexx

  • What do they say about women drivers!!!!!!! Berwick xxxx

  • oooooeeee and up your nose with a rubber hose lol thank-you young berwick !!!! Janexx

  • Yeah, true berwick but we do make people laugh. Our street cleaner always used to say I didn't park my car, i abandoned it. Mind you I used to park by the Circle club where he would fall out of the door. I thought he had a cheek to comment but he was quite right. :-) :-) Alison

  • bet it was on you tube before you got home lol x

  • Oi Oi thank-you ann1webb .How funny i just didnt think cameras at all.Till now,happy days. :) Janexx

  • Just wait till you've been framed comes on, Think they pay for the good ones, gave me a laugh seeing in my mind,thanks x

  • I have to say i did giggle most of the way home .Janexx

  • Oh Jane, you did make me smile! Enjoy the curry. I am cooking prawn Buhna for myself and son this evening. Pete will enjoy his bacon and eggs instead. Take care and keep smiling. xxxxxxxx

  • Hi sassy59 yes the curry was delish.prawn buhna sounds pretty good too,Pete no likey the spicey eh ?I do love a good belly laugh and that was for 1-20 customers aswell,thank-you and i will :) Janexx

  • Brilliant, you made everyone's day! What an achievement! :-) :-) Alison

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