Getting out of Bed, its so easy these days!!!!!

Getting out of Bed, its so easy these days!!!!!

Its amazing how a life changing experience can change your view on things. Gone are the days when I hate getting up in the morning, now I just have to think back 3 years to remind myself of the days when that wasn't an option for me for around 2 months whilst in hospital.

After a month of sedation on a ventilator, followed by another month of lying on my back unable to even roll over on my side without the nurses on ICU doing it for me I managed to get out of my bed for 30 minutes and it wasn't what I expected.

A brilliant nurse called Ray came to me and asked if I would I like to sit out in the chair next to the bed. I said yes why not, lets give it a go. Off he went and soon returned with a crane on wheels, very similar to the one I used to use at the garage for lifting engines out of cars. He wrapped a kind of cradle around me and then hooked that to the crane on wheels. Next thing he was pumping away on a leaver and up I went. I was still connected to drips, wires, and high flow oxygen so quite a bit of care had to be taken but he slowly managed to wheel me around above a very modern looking reclining chair and gently lowered me into it.

That's when the fun really started, even though I was only sitting in a chair which for some reason I thought would be easy I soon realized this was going to be very hard work. I was breathing flat out and really struggling to hang in there, There was a lot of worried eyes on me as nurses and consultants were watching to see If I could cope. Well I did hang in there for 30 minutes but by then I was screaming at them all to get me back to the sanctuary of my bed.

What a nightmare that was but I kind of knew there was more of the same ahead and that sitting in that chair was the start of the biggest challenge I've ever faced, getting back on my feet. This took another 2 months of similar torture by the physio terrorists but I made it.

Its no wonder that I find it so easy to get out of bed these days is it!!!

Tony :) never give up guy's if you hang in there long enough things can really get better even from the worst possible position.

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  • I have had my times with "the physio terrorists" Tony! God bless them all, and thankfully you are here to tell the tale. :)

  • Ahhh' those lovely physio's, I owe them so much, not only for not listening to my feeble excuse's to try and escape their torture of the day but also their psychological approach to making me think more positively. My favorite and most inspirational story when a physio told me was that marathon runners choose to be out of breath and that what I was feeling was only breathlessness, it was nothing to fear as its a natural thing for all of us. I kind of took it on board and even though I was only trying to stand for a few seconds at the time I kind of pictured myself running my own little marathon. It worked and It wasn't too long after that that I managed to walk across the ward to the toilet and then it was home, after 4 months in that amazing hospital.

    What a day that was!!! :)


  • The good NHS Eh and determination on your part Tony


  • I'll never be able to thank enough, the many people who helped me get back from the lowest possible place to where I am now. It took a massive effort and must have cost a small fortune. What an amazing thing the NHS is eh' King. :)

  • Hi Tony, Even now when I'm at my lowest i read one off your posts and i think to myself how lucky am I compared to you and others who are an inspiration to us all.MC

  • Hi MC, As I said 'never give up' I hope that horrible RA is going to give you a break as I know from your PM your really struggling with it at the moment. I hope and pray for you MC that those painful wrists will ease so you can, carry the shopping, bin bags, do the ironing etc etc :) for that good lady of yours Fran. You gotta try and laugh about these things av'nt ya MC although it isn't easy at times.

    Tony :)

  • Thanks Stitch, I look back on my 4 month battle to get out of that hospital and home and think to myself, did that really all happen to me. Well it did and if my experience can help others who are facing similar challenges then I'm happy to write about them. The consultants had told my wife and daughter that they had done everything that they could and I wasn't going to make it but they didn't know me did they. Ha Ha.

    Tony xx

  • No, they didn't know what a stubborn old so and so you were!

  • It was time to grab hold of life itself and refuse to let go no matter what!! I guess it worked Ha Ha.

  • What a great post to remind us we can return from the worst places! Long may you get out of bed easily! TAD x

  • Its a little crazy but here I am on the transplant list living with lung fibrosis, I havn't worked for 3 years but I'm still happy with my lot because I'm still here and I have no real pain, only breathlessness and I can deal with that. I just use a lower gear these days and only get into top gear when going downhill. :)

    Thanks TAD xx

  • Tony - you are great. You have done so so well, I am so happy for you and so glad you now find getting out of bed so easy these days. You have put a lot of effort into regaining your mobility and you still are doing, so be proud of your achievements and keep on keeping on.

    Congratulations Tony for never giving up :)

    Best wishes BC x

  • Hi BC, I intend to keep on keeping on and some more, just make sure you do the same too and we'll be chatting for many years to come. :) .

  • Tony that was a brilliant post, and it tells' us never to give in I really admire your courage and strength thank you.

  • No need to thank me Rick, just make sure you practice what I preach 'Ha Ha' and like me you'll do just fine. :)

  • Your post is inspirational - wishing you well Joyce

  • Thanks Joyce, its a story worth telling I think, if I can inspire just one person who may one day find themselves in a similar position to where I was 3 years ago, then that's got to be a good day's work.

    Tony x

  • very inspiring post thanks, Have been in simular situation myself, I do not take any movement for granted anymore,...... going to loo ect people dont have to think about these things, but those of us that been through the mill and back appreciate life at all levels,.... hope that makes sense. thanks again dall05 Joan x

  • It makes sense all right Joan, it took me 3 months to get to that loo that was only yards away and kick the bed pans into touch. It does make you very thankful to be able to do all those simple things in life that you once took for granted.

    Its good to talk to someone who has walked the walk, its life changing isn't it.

    Tony x :)

  • Yes sure is dall05 Tony its like seeing the world/life through different eyes. Joan x

  • I call it my second life :)

  • Think its my third lol Joan x

  • Another great post Tony. You give so much hope to others.

    Lynne xx

  • Thanks Lynne, There was times lying in that bed when I did wonder if I had enough lung left to ever get out of that bed but now that 1/2 a lung power gets me to the top of the Malverns, not bad eh'

    Tony xx

  • Great post Tony, you and Matt are an inspiration :) :)

  • I think we make a good team, maybe we should call ourselves Dallcass or Matt05 the ones who just refuse to go away no matter what.

  • A lovely post to read Tony, keep them coming. love xxx

  • Thanks Poppy xx

  • Your post was very humbling Tony. Thankyou! M

  • Funny how a small thing like getting out of bed can mean so much. Thanks to you too M

  • Wonderful post, makes me feel such a winger, thanks,x

  • Thank you Dall05. I think of you when facing yet more hassles. Thank you. :-) :-) Alison

  • Wonderful post as always young Tony! You are a first class fighter,no doubt of that!

    Loved the colourful flowers,are they in your garden?

    Keep up the fighting spirit,you are doing so well,

    Love to you,& the child bride! xxxx

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