I just bought: 'Finger Pulse Oximeter With LED Display (Includes Carrycase, Batteries and Lanyard,

comes with 3 AAA batteries supplied, cant choose the colour, thats no prob, but the reviews were so good, I couldnt resist price reduced down to 19.99 on amazon, uk only thing is I would need some advice on how to use and readings, anyone has any I would be pleased to here. thanks from Joan x

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  • Hi

    Follow the instruction as to how to use.

    Remember that damp/wet fingers will give a false reading

    Nail varnish will also give a false reading.

    They are not designed for spot check readings, you may wait a while before taking the reading. Up to 30seconds?

    88/92 is acceptable at rest, more is better!

    91/92 is acceptable when moving about and excercising ,

    You may have to check several times to find your normal . Mine with very severe COPD ,is 93/95 at rest .

    Treat it as a guideline..

  • Sorry Stone, was still typing mine while you were posting yours! Sadie xx

  • Hello stone thanks for all your info Joanx

  • Hi Joan, here is a link to a You Tube video, much easier than trying to explain here! I am sure there will be other videos showing you how - I just put "how to use pulse oximeter" in the search bar of You Tube. Sadie xx

  • Thanks sadie1951 been to you tube very usefull, I actually seem to live on that site, but I suppose because I am not to well at the min, brains not working, thats my excuse, Joan x

  • from the American thoracic society - a patient's guide (PDF document, how to):


  • Thanks BlakeyC will go check this out aswel l Joan x

  • wow that was quick link went straight to my desk thanks again Joan x

  • Thanku blakeyC I.ve just followed the link and got it downloaded and its really useful x I.m fairly new to oximeter levels

  • Hi mahunamoon theyre good value from amazon I bought one two weeks ago it was £16.95 but proper price was £79.99 and I take it with me when I go to doctors every friday for a blood pressure n oximeter check and the doctor says they are good as his expensive one was same as mine x

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