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This is just a quickie (ooouuu i say matron?!!) big milestone one whole week!!!

By jove shes only goorn and damn well done it !!



hows the rest of ," the doing it" giveruppers doing ????


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  • Well done you !!!! xxx


  • Hi casper thankyou so very much.Janexx

  • Well, LL, I have so thrilled for you. Yes, lets hear about them others!!

  • hi annie who would have thought not me,didnt think i had it in me so happy ,long road still to go,you support much appreciated many thanx. I hope you and your hubby are ok recharging those batteries i hope? Jane

  • You are a star, no, a superstar. xxx

  • Haha dont know about that you old flatterer you mm but i do like you. :) Janexx

  • Well done. A milestone already.

    Lynne xx

  • Hello Lynne it certainly is early days but onwards and upwards.:) Janexx

  • jane..well done girl still early days and dont forget when you get a craveing do anything to take your mind off it because it will only last a few seconds has you must know if you break now you will be so upset.

    your doing so well keep it up

  • hello music you are ofcourse absolutely right.Earlier today i dont know why but could have had a quick 20! ididnt and i would be devastated at myself you are on the button, so many thanks for being interested it helps me so very much.Janexx,

  • Great news well done

  • hello newlands haha did you have a nervous twitch or being really kind i will take it as the latter. thankyou so much.Janexx

  • Great news well done

  • hello newlands we meet again so soon too lol bless and thankyou for you support i do hope people realise the power you all weald as a group its fantastic.Janexx

  • well done, keep up the great work. I have just passed my 11th month x

  • Congratulations MrsHobbit. x

  • thank you xx

  • MrsHobbit oh my! how good is that and how are you? tell me about your benefits hows your breathing and getting about im hoping for a biggish improvement,of which i have noticed already in the mornings when i first wake,used to dread a bit, was always a struggle much improved.So many congrats to you 11 mths is awesome :) thankyou Janexx,.

  • Hi Jane, I smoked between 20 - 30 per day, I smoked at least 7 in the first hour, the first one of the day was the hardest to get passed, but I really took a look at my COPD and how this was gonna take grip of me.

    I bit the bullet and said " I am not gonna have one the now" and from that day to this I live with this rule. I havent stopped just " not having one the now " lol

    Don't deprive cause you always want what you cant have lol

    You can do it, it gets easier every day, more money smell better, and your lungs will enjoy it lol

    take care

    Jacky xxx

  • Hello Jacky nice to meet you,what a good way of approaching it i might have to be saying that myself if you dont mind?Already my nose is like an elephants trunk.:) I have to say that so far everything has been positive apart from the nightmares with the patches .So cant complain ,cant wait till i too have more time under my belt,you are doing brilliantly iwill be keeping you in my sights.Janexx

  • Hi Jane, I too had a lot of problems with the patches, sore red patches think i was allergic to them, so after about 2 weeks i couldn't stand it any more, and went cold turkey.

    Please do use it if it works for you, on the 18th of Oct will be my year date, didn't think i could do it but, i have had a very supportive family and friends.

    Go for it Jane, you can do it.

    Jacky x

  • Hi there, at say, 30 a day, how much have you saved Jacky?

  • wow, well done Mrs Hobbit

  • Big congrats to Mrs Hobbit as well!' xxx

  • Congrats keep it up

  • Hi chellshock thankyou so much for hanging in there with me .:)Janexx

  • Fantastic. How brilliant are you.

    Kim xxxxxx

  • hi kimmy59 and right back at you. Iam such a very lucky person to get so much positivity from so many people in this forum, thankyou.Janexx

  • 7 Days quit is awesome well done longlungs and all you other quitters

    KTQ everybody


  • hello Eck welcome welcome how kind are you this really means alot everybody here is just great so get stuck in and enjoy the warmth,help and advice there is an abundance here for each and every person ,dont be shy.See you soon. :) Janexx

  • Jane .I love you for what you have achieved.


    Your daily tonic

  • Ahhh you old softie.:) Still a long road to travel down lets hope its an interesting one.May i say KOTC i couldnt do what you do ,everyday you bring smiles to these good people do you realise just how important that is,everyday i look for your post ,you make a difference,(haha no pressure then) Janexx

  • I'll do anything I can to make the world a happier place for all of you Jane

  • You sure do that my friend in abundance and very much appreciated ,so its a goodnight from me and a goodnight from Janexx

  • Jane, brrrrrrrrrrrrrr, drrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (drum roll) HOW AWESOME ARE YOU? You have done this today to make you feel proud so you can answer Heather's question. FANTASTIC. :-) :-) Alison

  • oh stop it silly ,Heather,what question what have i forgot ooopsydaisy?Pray tell? Alison you are too kind.Janexx

  • That is absolutely fantastic. Give yourself a huge pat on the back :)

    Bev x

  • Hi Bev thankyou kindly we have had a good evening here tonight people have been on top a very lucky person to have found this forum,and Iam made up to have got through this first week ,it is a biggie for me.are you well?Janexx

  • Well done Jane xxx

  • Hello Boo-Boo hows you? nice to hear from you thankyou so much.Janexx

  • Keep up the no smoking !!! Only allowed if your on fire haha am fine thanks Max xx

  • Thats funny you should say that,ihave a tale about smouldering Jane another day praps haha and you were joking:)iam determined Max so thanx.Janexx

  • longlungs,hears a tip you are not a dirty stick no more,this week will be the test for you,get through this week and your home free,bernicex

  • oh bernice i hope thats right and im glad im not a dirty stick!! lol Janexx

  • our secret yeh ,lolbernicex

  • haha made me laugh Janexx

  • Il be all ears wen u want to share !! Take care Max xxx

  • private convers boo-boo,bernice lolx

  • Haha sorry lol x

  • its ok,lol

  • haha thanx Max Janexx

  • Well done and congratulations on becoming a Non Smoker. After a week the nicotine should be out of your system (unless you are taking it by another route :( ). As someone has said the craving only lasts for seconds - find something else to take your mind off and it will pass.

    Think of all the gains! You smell better, breathe easier and your wallet or purse is fatter. What are the losses? I can't think of any, can you?

    All the best


  • Hello John iam on the patches and the nicorette inhalator so i guess im not nicotine free in that sense? Having said that i have noyiced that my sense of smell is much like an elephants trunk at the mo,and i do fancy that already my breathing is a little better:) which makes me feel just great.thanx for taking the time to reply it really does help me so much.:) Janexx

  • Well done and congratulations - onwards, you're doing great!

  • Thankyou O2Trees iam quite overwhelmed with such positive responses iam determined iwill not let anybody on this forum down as well as myself i have drawn so much strength from you all.:) Janexx

  • Excellent longlungs you should be so proud of yourself :)

  • Hello Pamela67 how are you? Iam feeling soo good and happy truly blessed iam.thankyou :)Janexx

  • Well done YOU!! That's a great result of determination,& guts!

    Love Wendells xxx

  • Thankyou Wendells it really is everyone here that has given me that extra eumff has made such a difference to me.Janexx

  • CONGRATULATIONS - what a fantastic achievement. You should be very proud of yourself. Bloody brilliant TAD xx

  • Hi Tadaw iam a very happy bunny ihave to say when everyone here come together there is a really positive energy about. ihope you dont think im nuts by saying that ,its all very good though,many many thanks TAD Janexx

  • Well done to you, you benefit the moment you stop, its the staying stopped that I found hard, however, its been two years now since I stopped for good...... I was one of those people who others said she will never stop, cos I been smoking for 50 years........ so its never to late, and of course now I can breath a lot easier smell nicer aswell lol oh and the bungalow is always fresh, lol so pleaseeeeeeeeeee, keep on keeping on, CONGRATULATIONS, LL.

  • Two years ibet your buzzing with your success :) im the same everyone thought id smoke all the way to my grave,they are made up for me so far and fairly reserved not sure how to deal with me not wanting to rock the boat.the biggest thing to me is for my eldest son who im happy to say ahas now been such a different person, he knows my addiction was all powerful to me and that has stopped and he has reacted accordingly so good to be able to have conversations normally without him getting so uptight with me.To lead by example isuch a true statement. thankyou mahunamoon I willllllllllllll :) Janexx

  • Been rushed off my feet all day just checking in an I see this post for you longlungs. A BIG BIG well done congratulation you must be soooooo proud of yourself. xxxxxxxx

  • Hi there nanaber bless you thankyou so much iam a happy bunny :) Best go put you feet up and rest now eh!Janexx

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