HAIRSTYLE MEMORIES...............That will get you going HealthUnlockders. KOTC HEE Hee

...............................HAIRSTYE MEMORIES

Styles, creams, sprays you name it, you know you can all you boys and girls !!

I used to love my Tony Curtis style 'DA'

My first true love had lovely hair, but every time I tried to be romantic and run my fingers through it was rock hard, it had been sprayed with? Forgot what you call it................



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  • Hairspray. I always wanted curls but had to settle on home perms The smell was awful. In those days it was quite normal to walk outside in curlers. I used to cover mine with a headscarf.. Once used mothers hairspray without asking when going on a date. Turned out it was fly spray, served me right. Joyce

  • Did your date fly away Joyce?

  • No he married me ha ha

  • He liked the fly paper and got stuck to it Eh Joyce? Oops

  • you are so quick witted Kingy

  • Brilliant evelene! Hahaha, hehehe. :-) :-) Alison

  • That's not what the wife calls it!!!!!! Joyce

  • I had pigtails when I was young. Then started to have my hair permed which didn't look too bad, not too set looking. I had a skin condition of the scalp so no more perms. Short now, fringe, easy maintenance. Nothing exciting in this corner. I like to see long hair, but I think it looks so good, piled up like Grace Kelly.

  • My sister sold her pigtails, they weighed 7lbs each ! She was seventeen and had never had a haircut just a slight trim. She cried with delight! Annieseed. Dad went mad.

  • Crew cuts were the thing in my day.

  • Did you have that big flat comb at the barbers that lifted your hair up and the electric trimmer that would cut it off to perfection Berwick?

  • Spot on KOTC I nearly forgot about that one, Ha ha

  • I remember being jealous that the older girls had beehives whilst I was far too young to have one. I had sleek, smooth, long, straight hair through my teens and early twenties. A disastrous perm a la Kevin Keegan at some point then a bob until I finished work. Now it is growing and growing - I can sit on it - and I really must make a hairdresser's appointment.

  • Was it Dusty Springfield that had a massively tall beehive Toci ?

  • yeh

  • ha snitch,i use get bad heads ,then had my hair cut,relief,bernicex

  • No I don't get headaches Stitch. Never have. Have never even had a hangover. I don't think those pain receptors are actually attached!

  • You have to sober up to get a hangover Toci

  • Have you been light headed ever since stitch ?

  • Oh, you can be a pain sometimes Stitch !

  • Oh Toci, how I would have envied your long hair when I was younger. My hair is very fine and is still kept quite short. The longer it gets it seems to run out of steam and looks like 'rats tails' - it never grew longer than about touching my shoulders. Sometimes, though how she had the patience, my mum would put it up in a bun using one of those doughnut shapes. It used to take her ages to space the hair round it so it looked the part.

    I once had an 'Afro' perm, but again because my hair was so fine, it was just a mass of frizz - it looked like a half eaten candy floss. (just realised, it was a bit like my avatar only mousey brown).

  • Sweet head instead of sweetheart was it CarrieMe? Ouch

  • I used to have very long hair as a children, but now i have it as short as i can get away with

  • We just have not got the time to manage long hair now adays, have we?chellshock

  • Nope we really havent. Plus long hair on me i find annoying

  • I wonder about long hair and lots of extensions. And always flicking the hair out of the way or is that giving a message. BUT for me, I feel the heat and couldn't cope with the beauty of long hair. And getting it tangled with your spaghetti bolog!!!! SMILEY

  • I once had hair down to my shoulders and a beard, the result of being bedridden for eight months. Yuk and I thought I was the cats whiskers annieseed

  • And that woman on "The Voice" - Jessie J ?? She had her head shaved for charity, and now looks fabulous, with very short hair do.

  • Yes she does, annieseed.

  • She sure looks good

  • I had all sorts of hair styles, long and short. I had a female form of a Beatle haircut at one time. I once grew my hair a bit and fancied having slightly wavy hair so went to a hairdresser in Welwyn Garden City and ended up with an Afro before they became suddenly popular. It was hideous and hilarious at the same time. Boyfriend was shocked and i had trouble getting the bike helmet on. (Boyfriend had motor bike). I joined in with lots of things at the time as i was seen as someone who would do anything for a laugh. A mullet looked quite good but i now have short and sensible for cheapness and quickness. :-) :-) Alison

  • Still the same Alison underneath it ?

  • Yep! Same old, same old, king. :-) :-) Alison

  • I'm lucky to have any hair I was always at it. Cutting, colouring and perming it. Every time I felt my life was getting me down I headed straight to the hairdresser.

  • A cutting pick me up nanaber!

  • I had the miserys one day and decided to restyle my own hair so fed up with long hair happy chopping got carried away an arm twitch later I had cut right to the scalp at the front so had to shave it all off .i went to visit parents who knew nothing,my mother opened the door and said absolutely nothing ,strange so neither did I !all day not one reference to my bald head?my father came home from work I had my back to him"hello Barry long time mo see"my mum spoke"it's not Barry it's your bloody daughter bald as sodding badger!!!"I turned to my dad where he just collapsed laughing so did I very nearly peed myself tension finally released."don't laugh you stupid man don't encourage her'!!retorted my mum."so what happen he giggled"we'll .......... Janexx

  • Thanks for sharing Jane - made me smile. x

  • So funny, loved reading it Joyce

  • I'm laughing out the top of my head jane

  • Hilarious, Jane. :-) :-) Alison

  • I have always had very thick dark hair but I used to dye it black as I wanted it to look "blue black". Like your first girl friend KOTC, I used to spray it so hard it was like a brick. The hair spray we used was called belair. my friend and I used to get ready in my bedroom and I found out my Mum suspected us of drinking as the laquer smelt like pure alcohol. M

  • I once(only once) went out with a girl who had black hair( or so I thought) but the colour came out all onto my nice new white shirt Mocarey

  • I well remember the 'D.A.' Can't remember what it stood for (honest !) but it was something to do with Ducks.

    My mum wouldn't let me have one as she didn't want me turning into a 'Teddy Boy' !

    I was always too short anyway, and one of those jackets they wore looked like an overcoat on me.

  • I was very proud of my jacket,my quiff and my DA dukes

  • I've just remembered, King, I think it was an abbreviation for 'Ducks-R-Us' ! Pass the Brylcreem.

  • I had to settle for the 'Italian look suit' 2 button, high lapel, 'Bum-Freezer' which came a little later. I can still feel the draught now !

  • I was never a Mod or as Rocker ,I liked to dress up!

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