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What are your favourite Country and Western moments?

We have done all kinds of songs/music over the past few weeks now it is time for

................................COUNTRY and WESTERN

Your favourite singers, songs, memories etc please.

There is an ex Torquay United, Notts County footballer called Dick Edwards, a very great Country and Western singer/entertainer, He had one of the best voices I have ever heard in C&W.

He always started his gig with the words ''My name is Dick, hope you like it''

Carl Perkins, now there is a C &W singer not to be missed!..



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Well, now, King - you have me completely foxed. I know the music is really good but dont know much, so wait to be educated. What about Buddy Holly, 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Glynn Campbell. Elvis etc

i see Roy Orbison at the Royal Albert Hall one of my favourites

plus Elvis of course

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Roy Orbison. what a versatile singer mickeymouse123

ha, roy orbison great and elvis the king,

good 1 hear,rivers of bablyon and islands in the stream,bernice

mikeymouse can you get rivers of bablyon and islands in the stream and whoever sang distance drums,bernice

my pleasure

mikeymouse thank you.bernice

Grand Old Oprey

Come on in all you HealthUnlockder C&W fans, educate us all in the art of good music.

i loved don't it make my brown eyes blue crystal gayle so beautiful song and lady

Lovely lady with a fabulous voice

red sovine teddy bear

conway twitty hello darlin

jim reeves , patsy cline marty robbins

A combination of some of the greats

I like GLEN CAMBEL Johnny cash steve earle ,but I have to be in the right mood to listen reddy

When you are in the move and listening it transports you to a different world

Patsy cline singing Crazy. my husband loves country western and I grew to like patsy cline through him. I do like Jim Reeves too.

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Crazy-was that named after you Mocarey.Hee HEE

Definitely King and my husband would totally agree with that statement! Lol. M

I like all C&W music

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ha meike,which is your favourite,bernice

Willie Nelson Johnny cash you name them I like them

ha meike,same all ,bernice

There is no bad C&W that I can think of meike

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I agree

Sorry Your Majesty. I would not know any Country and Western stars if I fell over them. :O

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Well you ought to have a 'trip' and see what you are missing Toci

Dont forget the daddy of them all Hank Williams also Hank Snow,Tammy Wynette,Jim Reeves - those were the days ! !

I hear the sounds of !! grandadbrian

Dolly Parton?? singing 'Jolene'?? SORRY the links dont seem to work except one ...you can copy and paste link into browser .... all good stuff beth xx

or the best Country film ever .... quick clip


From Film 'Oh Brother Where Art thou' has some very deep things so say about USA in the 20s 30s, some great music .. very funny and George Clooney ... who can ask for more!!

... or

Johnny Cash

and also the big man in black did ..so so much sadder ... but so thoughtful ..... the last video I believe before he died ....but something I think Country does ....sorrow and regret

Beth xx

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sorrow and regret ! Try Hank Williams as Luke The Drifter. A real tear jerker and so true in many ways.

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Come on HealthUnlockders take a look at these.Well done Beth

ha postscript,ye sorrow and regret,but all good singers and j cash brilliant,bernice

A not so well known singer I enjoyed listening to was Sidney Devine . Saw him at Southport some years ago.

Bob Luman - Let's Think About Living

Let's think about loving, let's think about !!!

Lena Martell - One Day At A Time

'One day at a time'. that applies to most of us

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ha good bernice

mikeymouse you got anymore,1day at a time sweet jesus brill,bernice

Memories are flooding back bernice

coat of many colors dolly parton

The Blanket on The Ground woman !! Who was it ?

grandadbrian,billie joe spears,bernice

Thats it Bernice. Next question: Dont step on Mothers Roses - who sang it ?

grandadbrian,think the big man j cash not sure,bernice

ha snitch,ye your write on the daft song tammy,mines walking the tram lines,keep walking,bernicex

Well, I am being educated. Never bought any C n W but always likd Roy Orbison. :-) :-) Alison

Dolly Parton, Tommy Steel, Bill Haley Roy Orbison tammy wynette good old jonnie cash


We like the grass roots Scrummpy and Western. The local guys and gals with no real desire to seek stardome, just perform because they love to entertain. Two of our favourites from our time in the RAF in Germany was Hamish Imlach, now sadly left us and Harvey Andrews from the West Midlands. He still performs around the Midlands although we haven't been to see him for a while. During the problems in Northern Ireland he wrote a song "The Soldier" and even now that thankfully the problems are being solved, the record means a lot to us. It was on You Tube but I don't think it is appropriate to post a link.

Les Noden in Torbay, still going strong

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