You LUCKY people...............Two for the price of one today.....a bonus from KOTC

..................................I took the wife shopping.

The wife and I were shopping in our local supermarket.

I picked up a case of lager and put it in the trolley.

Well talk about me being embarrassed in front of other shoppers.


(you all know the size of her mouth)

''They're on sale, only £10 for 24 cans'' I said meekly

''PUT THEM BACK, we can't afford them.'' she demanded.

We carried on with our shopping in that well known silent mood.

I was fuming.

A few aisles further on, my wife picked up a £20 jar of face cream(I know she needs it Ha Ha !)

and puts it in the basket.

I said to her discreetly ''What do you think you are doing?''

''It's my face cream. It makes me look beautiful'' she replied.

Well, I mean!

I retorted '' So do 24 cans of lager and they're half the price.''

I hope not to be out of action for too long!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And your bonus for today

..........................THE COW, THE ANT AND THE OLD FART.

A cow, an ant and an old fart are debating on who is the greatest of them..

''The cow said, ''I give 20 quarts of milk every day and that's why I am the greatest!''

The ant said ''I work day and night, summer and winter, I can carry 52 times my own weight and that's why I am the greatest''











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  • I am sniffing!!

  • Nose on the go Eh? annieseed

  • II am a snooper or in politer language learned from a course on assertion, a networker.

  • Two classics today, thanks for that King all though I'm not to sure about calling us all old farts was a good move. Ha Ha :) :) He He.

  • True the age bit should have read 'silly' ,I think Tony

  • Why - lets be earthy!

  • If the cap fits (for me) ???

  • OK

  • Funny x 2. xx

  • Glad you caught the sale day Toci

  • I probably am an old fart but thanks for keeping me smiling! M

  • That is self judgemental Mocarey

  • Well, king, it takes an old art to recognise the rest of us! :-) :-) Alison

  • Touche Alison

  • Read both your posts KOTC thanks for that, smile and the world smiles with you. It's sunshining here this afternoon hows weather with you.?

  • Yesterday was cold, wet and 'orrible. katieoxo60. Keep those smiles coming

  • hiKOTC loveit good game its the way you tell em.Janexx

  • It's the Devonshire accent that makes 'em sound good longlungs. Hee HEE

  • Oh yes - very good lol thank you xxx

  • Don't forget to share them undine

  • Just loved the 2 for price of one.Do hope your good wife has forgiven you though!! xx

  • It was a one day sale Wendells

  • Did you get the lager back after you recovered consciousness !!!!!!!!!

  • I should be so lucky dhio

  • ur a scream kotc thanks 4 the giggles u sure make fri nites a good laugh thanks

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