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Sharing your story for IPF Week

The last week of September is World IPF Week - and you can get involved to help us raise awareness of the disease, and what needs to be done to improve life for people affected by it.

IPF a terrible, usually-fatal lung disease that has been on the rise in the UK for decades, even though it is not known what causes it or how to treat it.

If you or someone you know has experience of living with IPF, and would like to share your story with us or possibly with the media, please contact us on press@blf.org.uk, or by phone on 020 7688 5580. Your story could help us make a crucial difference.

Please also keep an eye on our website and Facebook page to see what other activities we're planning for World IPF Week.

To find out more about IPF, please click the link below. Thank you.


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A was shocked when i read this never really give dangerous occupations lung health a second thought ..


Cheers sll the best :)


Research is taking place into IPF at Nottingham City Hospital by a team which includes Professor Richard Hubbard a true BLF/BE supporter



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