A flower for you

A flower for you

For all those who are not feeling too good at the moment, I hope this bloom will cheer you. Its a weigela, photo taken in my garden during July.

Its a shrub that apparently attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. I would love to see hummingbirds in UK gardens, but not yet seen one :)

I do know this flower attracts bees and it certainly attracted my eye.

Wishing all a feeling good day and for those not feeling so good a feeling better day.

With love from my Garden.

Best wishes BC x x

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  • Hi BC, What a lovely flower I can see why it caught your eye.Matt

  • Beautiful

  • Thank you so much BC. I love flowers and they always cheer me. x

  • I enjoyed Matt's beautiful flowers and now this wonderful flower. I used to love walking around NT gardens, but dont do too badly on this site. Thanks

  • Lovely photo BC, do hope you get to see the humming birds.

    Love the colors of the plant. xxx

  • I'm glad you all liked the flower, nature gives us so much pleasure, animals and plants, trees and fruits, we are lucky to have these wonderful things in our lives.

    I hope those feeling poorly today will be feeling so much better real soon.

    Best wishes always BC x

  • Once again BC a lovely photo, my neighbor has one in the back garden always covered in flowers. I have a Buddelia not sure the spellings right, which attracts lots of butterflies .The Hebe s also seem to attract bees, nature is wondrous as you say, but some don't stop to admire.

  • Hi Katie, oh yes the butterflies just love the buddleia, I have one in a pot and do remove the flowers that have gone brown quickly as they will seed everywhere and soon we will have a forest of buddleia, image that! The bees do love hebe s. I love to see the bees and butterflies so its good to have the plants and shrubs that they love in the garden.

    I always love to watch the bumble bee enter the flower of the snapdragon, (antirrhinum), the way they pull the flower open so they can climb in, always makes me smile. They shelter in these from heavy rain also.

    I find the garden very entertaining as well as very rewarding and relaxing.

    BC x

  • Nice one Greenfingers!


  • Lovely flower!

  • Beautiful thank you for posting, nature is wonderful.

  • Thank you for that lovely gift ,I need that today bless you .x

  • Hope you are feeling a little better today Matrix

  • Still in a lot of pain but your flower helped me to see that their is beauty in the world ,something you can forget in the middle of a flare up .so thank you for your concern .x

  • Great photo and message...'with love from my garden' . Like this very much. Although I've had to leave my garden behind I still have special memories of it and most of all the wildlife that shared it .

    Would also love to see a hummingbird here but guess that even with global warming it's not going to happen - at least not in our lifetime! One day, while watching the different insects on the buddleia bush I saw the next best thing...the hummingbird hawkmoth and could easily see how it got it's name , Lovelight xx

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