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Take 5 and Stay Alive

This September, the British Lung Foundation will be launching a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of asbestos amongst tradespeople and to ensure that they have the tools and knowledge they need to act safely and responsibly.

Twice as many people die from asbestos-related illnesses than on the roads each year in Britain. It’s the biggest work-related killer, and the numbers of deaths associated with it are rising each year. Sole traders and people working for small companies are often under particular pressure to take jobs and deliver quickly, and this can sometimes put them at particular risk of asbestos exposure.

As part of this project, we’re carrying out some research to establish current levels of asbestos awareness and attitudes towards risk. We’d be extremely grateful if you could help us to promote the survey, to encourage as many tradespeople as possible to take part.

It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the survey and all participants will be entered in a prize draw with the chance to win £250 worth of Wickes gift vouchers.

Here’s the link to the survey

With your help we can reach many more tradespeople with information and resources that can keep them safe at work.



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I had a look but it seems to only be for people who work in the building industry, not a general survey.


My Own View Is HSE Are To Put It Blunt Full Of It When It Comes To Councils And There Preferred Contractors Breaking Rules On Asbestos ... I Have 85 Pictures On How Not To Demolish A ... ACM School

Don't ?Get Me Wrong Am Not Bitter Am Just P### To Put It Blunt Never Was A Told About Asbestos Or Its Various Forms And How If You Are A Smoker Your At Increased Risk Nor Did I Ever See A Council Do Any Risk Assessments Or Take Air Samples .... Yet Procedures Where There And Never Followed ... In My Case A Was Told The Only Asbestos Was In The Boiler Room Which To My Cost Is Untrue.

So Am I Surprised Following My FOI Request HSE Had No Information On The Demolition Asbestos Removal Or Council Had No Info On Air Samples Or Asbestos Materials In Classroom's

Yet Here I Am Paying My Price Along With Others Who Have Or Are Being Ripped Of By IIDB And Atos

Asbestos Takes Many Forms Of Diseases ... Like In My Case Emphysematous Bullae With Par blar Blar Lines Or What Ever There Called Which Is Indicative Of Mesothelioma Or Other Forms Of Cancer Then You Have Lymph Nodes Playing There Part If Unlucky

Then If You Have Bronchiectasis As Well That Is Also Indicative Of Asbestos Exposure ...... So Are Heart Problems And Acquired Asthma

As A Undiagnosed Suffer Myself Of Some Funky Particularly Nasty Asbestos Related Disease I Find My Self At Odds With Those Atos HCP If You Can Call Them That O And My X Gp Who Said I Was Fine And Just Suffering From Stress

Like Really .... Anyway As A Suffer Am I Not Entitled To Some Form Of Quality Of Life With Out Having To Fight Tooth And Nail For It

As I Have Found With My IIDB Claim The Issue Is Not Weather A Was Exposed Its What Will Kill Me First And My Prognosis

If Am Lucky A Will Live Long Enough To Get Cancer If Am Unlucky A Will Suffer Respiratory Failure ..... And Believe Me There Is A Lot Who Have The IIDB Board Have Ripped Off

I Don't Propose Being One Of Them As I Am Entitled To Some Form Of Quality Of Life And Care And I Would Advise Anyone To Do The Same ....

I Could Pretendent Everything Is Fine And ASBESTOS Is No Big Deal But Its Far From It So Why Would I

If I Had My Time Again A Would Make Better Lungs Choices Like Stay Clear Of Asbestos Asbestos Cement But As I Don't The Next Best Thing Is To Educate Other Regarding Respiratory Health And Occupations Hazards


the government are full of it,asbestos has been around for yrs and yrs,schools buildings,slaughter houses ,prisons,cotton mills,to name a few,say like 10 20 30 40 yr ago u inhale 1 tiny tiny dust u don't no u have inhaled it as its airborn/many years down the line u get a cough,put that down to just a cough,cough gos an comes.then yrs later cough bak,this time doesn't go,u go gp/oh its a cough nothing in your lungs there clear,with some ppl who smoke that's true lungs are clear,then u get bad cough unable to breath,u go hoz,stay in an wam/wat have u got mesothelmial/,wats that u ask ,its asbestos all,its woke up after all them yrs 1 tiny tiny not visible to the naked eye,sorry u have 6month left,government not the places ppl worked are now pulled down so no proof bla bla

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