New to this site

New to this site

I joined this site a week ago and have been a spectator since then, hoping to find out the way the site works and who the regulars were for posts and questions as well as comments and answering questions.

This is not my first time posting but is on a specific health website. I see now that for chat and multiple person interaction that I should stick to my other sites but if I have a specific problem then this is a mine of information. So thank you for your messages of welcome, they were much appreciated. At present I am still carrying out my own research but will certainly be back when it is completed.

Regards Hg

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  • Happygrin, there is a lot of chat and interaction on here but if you find yourself better served elsewhere then you may certainly choose another site. However, I hope you can use more than one and that we will see more of you. :)

  • Welcome Happygrin to this site. There is always someone ready to listen and help you when you need it. I hope you feel this is the site for you as there is plenty of humour and chatter mixed in with the serious stuff.

    Viv xx

  • thank you for your pleasant comments.

  • I have answered a question from shell something and said I was new but not a post. Do not remember seeing that other name in the week I was learning how the site worked.

  • Hi happy new or old who cares welcome or welcome back which ever, makes no odds to me, unlike some see the digs have started already, but pay no heed,there are g some great members on the site, just an odd few that look for trouble, hope you settle in ok and enjoy yourself


  • It is interesting to make notes on the things people say that reveal aspects of their character or personality to see where they're coming from in the modern jargon.

  • So tell us sirdandy1 what have you deduced in your time here ?

  • That I need more time to make more notes

  • Good luck you'll need it, especially with those who have more than one identity, even newbies are being accused of being someone they are not, ie: happygrin was accused of being alwaysmiling by a member who should know better, the poor lass didn't even get to her second post before being jumped on.So if you think you can work out peoples characters on here, i bid you well,,and i promise to visit you in the asylum. Bye for now.

  • I think you will find the comment was that the names were similar. :)

  • So why make the accusation happygrin of posting on here before, then say you remember because it was the same time that alwaysmiling joined. Happygrin only joined this month.. Check her posts and joining date.

  • I did not make the comment and there was no accusation. Let it go please. This only stirs up bad feeling and trouble and we have surely had enough.

  • Sorry tocci it was stitch my apologies

  • Aswad, If Happygrin only joined this week, being a completely new member, how do you know the person is a 'poor lass'

  • Iys called s pm

  • Well said. :)

  • Cheers hills hope you enjoy the site

  • Hello happygrin,I hope you're not put off joining in.the majority here are a pleasant bunch and happy to help when we can.:-D

  • thank you

  • Good to meet you, Happyg = with a name like that, you must be a positive person. xx

  • I want to be, but there is just me at home and only me in the office. I chose a name that I hoped would make me feel positive. Hg

  • You have been positive by visiting this site happygrin


    Your daily humour tonic

  • Hiya happygrin nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I can't add to what the others have said just wanted to say hi.

    Bev x

    Ps love your name :)

  • Hi & welcome happy! Can't say much more,the others have said it! Love your name too,keeping positive,is so helpful to health xx

  • Happygrin welcome and hope you get to post often on this lovely site. Lots of people here to answer questions, offer support or just chat. There is a lot of laughter too if you are ever up for that. Wishing you well. Love, Carole xxxxx :)

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