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Golden wedding anniversary part 2

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent good wishes for our Golden wedding anniversary. I will reply to them individually tomorrow.

We had a lovely day - cards, flowers, a special rose tree, chocs and champagne. a really nice lunch out- champagne in the evening. My husband had bought me a beautiful pair of gold earings and a posh slow cooker!!

I have needed a quiet time today to get over the excitement!!!

I know some on site are very interested in food - I had dressed crab to start and sea bass and scallops to follow. My husband had whitebait to start, followed by porterhouse steak and all the trimmings. Neither of us could manage a pud. It's funny really but with the whole menu to choose from it was fairly predicable what we each would choose. My husband is no real lover of fish unless it comes with batter on it and I don't really like steak. So when we go out it's a chance for both to have the sort of food we really, really like - the rest of the time it's a compromise. Perhaps there is a moral in there somewhere.

We were remembering how when we were first married and used to go up to London to the theatre or a jazz concert (sitting in the cheapest seats), we thought we were so sophisiticated to have a steak dinner at an Angus steak house, Black Forest gateaux and a bottle of Blue Nun wine. Laughable really, as I don't think either of us really enjoyed wine at that stage of our lives. Still all part of growing up together and we have happy memories.

Thanks again for your good wishes


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Hi Maggie, I'm so glad you had an enjoyable day out to remember and I hope you have many more in the future. Matt/Fran


Sounded absolutely wonderful! Here's to many more in the future! xxx


Glad you had such a lovely day Joyce


I wish I could have been the fly on that wall!


Your daily humour tonic


Glad you had a great day, Maggie, and added to your list of happy memories.



More lovely memories to pull out and share whenever you feel like it. Glad you had a great day. My kids always laugh when we go out with them as Martyn always has soup of the day, fish dish and icecream. I often have fish. As Martyn says, a meal out is a real treat for us so we choose what we really like not what we should have. I have to choose dishes that are least likely to upset the gastric tract! :-) :-) Alison


Congratulations! So pleased to hear that you had such a memorable happy anniversary. With love TAD xx


That's so lovely Maggie, really glad you had a wonderful day. The food sounds amazing - well yours does!

Lot of blessings there. A tear in my eye, I just realised it's 9 days to my anniversary so I will mark it by sending our children a story of the day.

We got married on a special licence because we were moving to a Muslim country and had only two weeks to get paperwork changed. We borrowed a friends camera and took some lovely pics by the river in Cambridge - only to find later that there wasn't a film in it! Karma at work

Rest well, you deserve it xxxx


I am so glad you enjoyed your day, even if you did not have any Blue Nun (I remember it well!). x


Hi Maggie, so glad you had a really special day for such a special anniversary. The food sounded delicious and is making me feel hungry again. Stay well. xxxx


You will never forget days out like this! maggie. I recall day out with husband, Brian when I was pregnant with daughter Lindsey. A day at the zoo, a meal out and the theatre all for "peanuts" I will never forget a lime milkshake at the zoo. Lindsey is now 51


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