Just not the same

This site is no longer as it used to be, no happy cheerful chats, hardly any posts by the old crowd, none of those long post by Scrobbity and the rest. So boring and so few posts a day compared with what it was. May give it a another week then my name will go on the leavers list if it is no better. Why fix something that wasn't broke, it may have been a bit cracked but nothing that wouldn't heal. I'm sitting on the sidelines just watching to see how it goes! Keep smiling

Carole x

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  • Hullo, Carole. I dont know what you think but I think things will look up now. People have been discussing the disappearance of familar faces but somehow, I cant really explain, but things could work out for the good eventually. Of course, it will take time, but lots of nice newbys coming in. I think that there were people that wanted something from the site that it couldn't give but we still have the friendship going on. i have been upset by certain names disappearing but think, after all the unpleasantness recently, time for "new Blood."

    Important thing that people coming in with big problems, will be met by friendly support. Always space for a laugh but I think King and Berwick do really well in that field. Love annieseed xx Ever hear from Gordon?

  • well said Annie. I remember being new only six months ago and was welcomed, supported and I've learnt so much from everyone here (including peeps who've moved on), I shall be eternally grateful.

    xx cant help being boring though!

  • No, you are not boring, peeg!!

  • I think the ones who have gone added lots of zip to the site and they are (to me anyway) sadly missed. I know that one of the things I loved about this site was the diversity of the posts as well as the amount of them. Unfortunately a few disagreed with the majority which is why they left. I miss reading about the 'pheasants eggs' and other great posts. I got what I wanted from the site, many of us did, But it has now gone I'm afraid. I don't really feel much connection or loyalty towards it now. Too many great people have left. Maybe in the future it will be as it was but not at the moment. I used to come in every day but now it's only every few days. It's a shame.

    Bev x

  • Give it time, Bev. There have been a lot of necessary changes and some of us are optimistic. I have been reading a lot of favourable things. xx

  • I agree with you completely Bev, that is another I don't see, Libbygood where are you?

    Carole x

  • Since June last year

  • hi caroleoctober,agree with u ,and how are u,any word on ur op yet,take care

  • Hang in there Carol, I think things are starting to improve again, I can feel it in my bones. What's the point in leaving when there's still great people here.


  • I agree, dall05, please think again Carole.

  • I haven't been about much as I'm trying to fix my car and busy with other stuff. Hang in there Carole, I'm sure it will pick up. Two general forums, ( Where we chat about anything from the News to what's on TV type of ones ) I am a member of, are very quiet at the moment. I think it's just the time of the year.

  • August is always a strange month to me - probably because I am a Leo.!!!

  • She says thanks for asking after her and she's ok. I think it's been over a year since she hasn't been allowed to post on here. A bit of overkill I think.

  • I know. She was only doing what she thought was right for the other members at the time.

  • Hang on in there Carole. Things are looking up. It takes time to adjust so don't give up.xxxx

  • I agree Carole. I really miss the ones who have left. The site just isn't the same now.

    bev x

  • I want to be positive about this. There are a lot of newbies who like it and that is the main thing for them.

  • Many of the members are on holiday, looking after grandchildren, some have returned with new names. The weather has been nice enough to sit out during the evening rather than in front of computer. I have welcomed 70 new members this month. Let's look to the future, look after each other and keep this happy site together


    Your daily tonic

  • Hear, hear king. Fact, site has changed. Fact, poorly, frightened people out there. That was me in April this year. Terrified. Very grateful for the fun and support. I read all if I can. Sad some have gone but look forward to getting to know new friends. :-) :-) Alison

  • Carole, I know what you mean, but things DO change and life evolves. I agree

    With Dall05 - we should all stick together. To want a better site and want to leave is

    counter-intuitive. Please give the new people a chance to express themselves.

    These sites are just like us, organic and they grow and change. Hang on in there, we

    need people like you. Chin up.....Adrian

  • I haven't been here much over the summer I've just been very busy, and thankfully I've been well. I don't know what's been going on but I hope no one has been hurt or made feel they were unwelcome. When I joined the site a year or so ago I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and the friendly helpful advice I received, and it saddens me to think that those who made me feel so welcome may be gone.

  • I joined couple of weeks ago and was made welcome

  • Think of the computer illiterate people(like me) who struggled to get on the old pages never mind these new ones! Sometime I try for hours and then just walk away.

  • I am completely computer literature because I worked on computers but I struggle on here, never used to on the old one. It is not very good for any of us!

  • Hi caroleoctober At last someone who understands where I am coming from. Thank you for replying to me.

  • Me too !

  • Hey there Gordon! Everyone has missed you. Hope you are keeping as well as you can. :-)

  • I have just e-mailed Healthunlocked and asked them if they will consider issuing some basic navigation instructions and to 'pin' it like they did with the 'Changes in Community Guidelines'. Don't know if they will take any notice or whether it will help but it would be such a shame to lose members just because the site is difficult to navigate. Also asked them to re-introduce an indexed list of members. Fingers crossed! :-)

  • I am still about, pop on every couple of days, just to catch up on the posts. But miss the old faces, like others whilst computer literate don't find this community forum that straight forward, so understand that sometimes others struggle. I also don't post so much because I got fed up of trolls and the nit picking I saw from time to time. My own personal life has enough of that without coming on here and reading it. So I tend to only post when I have something funny or daft to write about then.

  • I miss the funny jokes but also really need help from time to time regarding meds etc.

    the old site had two distinctive sides. 1 for medical questions and 1 for blogs, funnies

    and peoples news.

    I used to look for the funnies when I was just feeling a bit low but used the questions when I was worried about my health. Now I don't know where to look! everything is mixed up.

  • I think maybe part of the problem is that the first screen you see (well I do anyway) is "Latest Activity" and that doesn't show the categories on the right hand side, but if you click on any post or click on "Posts" or "Questions" then you do see the categories. You can then choose the type of things you want to see, but if you don't know that you can be a bit lost. Hope that makes some sense and helps a bit. :-)

  • Hi Ptliverpool,

    If you look at the right hand side of this page (nearer the top) you will see a list of topics, eg Humour, COPD etc. Just click on one of those and you will find all the related posts, so you can still read nothing but the funnies if that's what you want, or more serious topics if you need information.

  • I just liked the email that came every day with every post and question listed so that you could scroll down and choose what you read and what you ignored without going backwards and forwards all the time. Keep smiling

    Carole x

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