The Wooden Ball ..................Hee HEE

.............The Wooden Ball

An old man walks into a barbershop for

a shave

and a haircut,

But he tells the barber he

probably can't

get all of his

whiskers off

because his

cheeks are wrinkled

from age

The barber

gets a little

wooden ball

from a cup on

the shelf and

tells him to put

it inside his

cheek to

spread out the


When he's finished.

the old man tells

the barber that was the

cleanest shave

he's had in years

But he wanted to know

what would have

happened if he

had swallowed

the little ball

The barber replied ''Just

bring it back in a

couple of days

like everyone else does..''



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14 Replies

  • THIS explains why women do not go to barbers!!!!!!!!

  • Not stupid are you!

  • No. I am a woman. :p

  • oh KOTC!!! I am glad I don't need to shave! :p

  • What a gob stopper Eh?

  • bet he choked on the ball then ha, ha xx

  • NO. The barber needed the ball back

  • Tee hee, I nearly choked king ... :-) Alison

  • Spit it out!

  • Ooooo

  • A bit risqué for KOTC. Now look at todays Alison x

  • lol....that was good...nice to have a laugh.

  • Yep. I'll try to keep you smiling naturelover

  • Thanks, been feeling so down lately, but trying hard to be positive.

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